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In sizzling tropical summers, spicy foods have a paradoxically cooling effect.
Having someone looking over their shoulders paradoxically helped them learn to be independent.
The best way to think about that is paradoxically permafrost.
It's an old observation that the digital revolution has paradoxically flooded us with paper.
Paradoxically, the great success of vaccines is a crucial reason why antivaccination sentiment has thrived, some scientists say.
That's how global warming can, seemingly paradoxically, mean more snowfall.
Yet paradoxically, people who have suffered left hemisphere damage often retain the ability to sing.
Paradoxically, even as the working conditions grew worse and salaries were cut, the safety record kept getting better.
Such a policy has paradoxically become easier to put into effect since the intifada.
Paradoxically, in this hypothesis small amounts of the virus are even more dangerous than large amounts.
Paradoxically, one of the clearest signs of the success of intelligence tests is that they are no longer widely administered.
Paradoxically, the current high price may be supported in part by a belief that the old equity premium still obtains.
But paradoxically, our era may be remembered as the moment when the religious gulf between the continents began to slowly close.
It may also be true, paradoxically, that a smaller proportion of people are actually reading poetry than were a century ago.
Playing it safe looked paradoxically more dangerous than taking a gamble.
And water, paradoxically, potentiates mozzarella's supreme milkiness.
Paradoxically, the prospects for achieving the project's goals have never been better.
Paradoxically, corporate goals of courtesy and efficiency are what drove it there.
Paradoxically, political risk has become so fashionable that its effects are now frequently overstated.
Paradoxically, the worse of the two disasters had the lesser impact on public policy.
Paradoxically, irregularities in the telecom market might not affect telecom consumers.

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