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Example sentences for paradoxical

And yet she remains somehow paradoxical, impenetrable, unknowable.
Some might call this combination paradoxical, even contradictory.
The conclusion may sound paradoxical to many scientists, but it is argued here cogently and clearly.
Its very virtues, in some paradoxical way, become a form of punishment.
Lean cuisine and rich flavors at first sound like a paradoxical combination.
His proof achieves this by constructing paradoxical mathematical statements.
In classical Greece, you'll meet the most daring and paradoxical people since the dawn of time.
However, the lines of flight could have paradoxical effects.
Don't be combative and, paradoxical as it may sound, don't become defensive.
If this proposal becomes law, we'll have a rather paradoxical situation to contemplate.
The paradoxical effect is that the pursuit of global primacy undermines the economic foundation upon which primacy rests.

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