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Halpern is attuned to the paradox of treating memory, a basic aspect of the self, as a biological puzzle.
Beirut is a city that is alternately triumphant and tragic, where paradox has been raised to an art form.
The book is an admirable attempt to pierce the paradox of a people steeped in sense of place, yet ever on the move.
This, in the view of the physicist, is a perfect example of the time paradox at work.
The most troublesome paradox - and the most difficult to change - is that of education itself.
This paradox cannot be attributed to any one simple cause.
The paradox, of course, is that only those whose word is not good get caught by a background check.
The paradox of overconfidence is that it may be necessary for an entrepreneur.
What is new is his claim that this model could serve to solve the paradox of free will and determinism.
So we might reformulate the paradox as follows: Change cannot be engineered and change will always occur.
For many, generative music is a paradox, a kind of endlessly inventive elevator music.
The paradox of pickerel fishing is that a pickerel's culinary quality is in inverse proportion to its size.
And the real paradox is that the cheating problem gets worse the cheaper the price of oil gets.
There are tens of thousands to choose from-more than enough to find myself in the muddle known as the paradox of choice.
The result is a forty-three-story paradox: an understated palazzo.
There is no paradox, and if you believe that there is, then you clearly do not understand the accepted theory of relativity.
There is, for instance, something of a paradox connected with any attempt to localise it.
There's probably some sort of way in which that's not a paradox.
What they trip up on is actually a more difficult conceptual problem, the time travel paradox.
Neuroscientists are investigating this paradox by searching for the signatures of mind wandering in the brain.
In fact, a physicist long ago pointed out a logical paradox against traveling backward in time known as the grandfather paradox.
And where computers are concerned, the beauty paradox is especially acute.
The thick-thin paradox and indirect sunlight are not the only limitations holding back photovoltaic cells.
Researchers have tried to explain this land-sea paradox, in bits and pieces, without much success.
It's likely that this growth pattern evolved as a solution to a paradox of pregnancy.
At once no thing and some thing, nothing is the ultimate paradox.
Such grand simplicity emerging from the complexity of fine detail at lower levels is a paradox that occurs on all levels of life.
Some people have thought that if you take quantum mechanics into account, this paradox may be resolved.
The speedometer can't explain another paradox, though.
While astronomers pondered the jets, another discovery further deepened the paradox.
Humans are the only animals capable of untangling this paradox.
It took me a while to appreciate the paradox that lies at the center of the senator's so-far published work.
The paradox is that while criminal behavior might be relatively predictable now, if the program succeeds, that might change.
But this is one bright and comprehensive book of life, a kind of handbook of human paradox.
Less attention has been paid to an even sharper paradox.
He converted its expression from a paradox into something approaching a commonplace.
It was a strange paradox of marriage that it required her to outwit her husband.

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