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Maybe if you got out of the paradigm you're stuck in you'd see things for how they really are.
Wikipedia is a new paradigm in human discourse.
Some are still trying to adjust to the new paradigm.
Arabic has a much more elaborate verb paradigm.
But also because the way things work in the industry means that it will take quite some time before the previous paradigm ends.
It's almost hard to remember how big a paradigm shift this is.
The problem stems from the paradigm of the soul-killing sterile boardroom.
Social networks represent a paradigm shift in communicating.
Pervasive innovation adds up to a new management paradigm.
Yet an example does not of itself establish a paradigm.
It didn't matter what you put where-that was the old paradigm.
There seemed to be a shifting paradigm in the context of the program.
Such a world would shift from the paradigm of charity to one of mutual economic benefit.
The question of borders lies at the heart of the two-state paradigm.
It will mean the end of personal computing, which itself evolved out of the vastly different computing paradigm that preceded it.
But the center of debate has shifted so far away from the old paradigm that it's barely recognizable as a culture war debate.
The airline industry has long been a paradigm example of safety, but it was not always that way.
Meanwhile, physics is stuck in a paradigm doomed to barrenness.
It's clearly pushing the envelope and will offer us a new paradigm.
Human morality is instinctual and fits into the evolutionary paradigm.
There was a huge paradigm shift in the wrong direction.
There occasionally occurs a paradigm shift in the way that particular problems are recognized and solved.
The authors note that the fear-conditioning paradigm, although robust and thoroughly studied, is a crude probe.
The new paradigm also predicted pulsar-planets before they were discovered.
The concept that the brain is a computer seems to be debunked by this new paradigm, backed by decades of research.
To test for this preference for information, which is a cognitive reward, a new paradigm needed to be put in place.
It is a cultural matter of conventional interpretation common to all those raised and indoctrinated in a given cultural paradigm.
But money is an invented paradigm and therefore leaves itself open as a tool of manipulation by those who control it.
Some there see it as a flawed paradigm of human rights, free elections and the rule of law.
And if economics as a broad discipline deserves a robust defence, so does the free-market paradigm.
In short, the success of the natural-rate paradigm need not have been the triumph for conservatism that it was initially.
The idea of anything faster than light, would be, in my opinion an paradigm.
If we've entered a new paradigm of slower rates of growth in exchange for more stability, it could take longer.
Even so, the new management paradigm now taking shape in the emerging world has big implications for the global balance of power.
Part of the problem is our socio-political paradigm around our capitalistic lifestyle.
Establishment of social, environmental and economic equity within reason is a paradigm in which everyone has a deep stake.
He cannot say there never was a paradigm shift, and besides the new paradigm is better.
If you say the word paradigm, everybody knows you're a poser.
In this paradigm, if a comment gets a lot of negative ratings, it goes invisible.
He reorganized the data, he shifted the paradigm, he deserves the eponym.
But the user paradigm and creative economy of the mobile web had been fundamentally changed.
Not every study is a paradigm-shifting discovery, but they're still important.
The idea that aging is something that's not a given is a new paradigm.
It could turn out that dark matter presages a similar paradigm change.
The same selective paradigm can describe the rise of complexity in inanimate systems: stock markets, transit schedules.
Plastic presents new kinds of concerns because it requires a radically different paradigm of toxicity.
It doesn't really fit the accepted paradigm of what animals are capable of doing.
It would be a paradigm shift in the treatment of disease.
The new paradigm leaves one with awkward and unhelpful turns of phrase.
One is called, unmellifluously, the fear-potentiated startle paradigm.
It is a new paradigm and requires an opening of the mind to new possibilities.
It will be interesting to see this new paradigm grow and spread through the community, if it's right.
The reductionist paradigm is of course heavily resisted in certain quarters.
Problem is, this monster paradigm is too entrenched.
That's become a paradigm for the rapid development of an organization around a new technology and a new insight.
Better to evolve, refine and expand the existing paradigm.
Give a scientist some loose budget and free time and he'll tear down your paradigm.
However, part of design is choice of tools, including programming language paradigm.
There is a serious need for a radical paradigm shift in space transportation science.
But as the end of this particular paradigm became clear, research pressure grew for the next paradigm.
It takes forward thinking to establish a new paradigm, and it will come, probably sooner than you can imagine.
And impressing upon students that they are, in fact, responsible for their own education reverses the current paradigm.
She has long advocated for a paradigm shift in scholarly writing.
Get so many points towards a badge for each paradigm you fill out or form you correctly identify, that sort of thing.
Obviously this is a paradigm shift from lecture-heavy courses.
Another is that too many empirical researchers are blinded by their paradigm.
There are also questions about paradigm--failed approaches should be abandoned, even if they are supported by powerful unions.
Paradigm has become a buzz word for theorists of the emerging world.
Our focus is to change the healthcare paradigm to include integrative medicine and promote patient advocacy.
Conforming to this new paradigm takes a lot of work.

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