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They have been rubbed off so that vellum and papyrus could be reused.
While we're at it, let's push the heck out of stone tablets and papyrus scrolls also.
Her role was the physical preservation and piecing together of the codex's crumbling papyrus pages.
Creatures were wrapped in linen or papyrus to serve as a human mummy's best friends.
There were the old wheel tracks and the game trails to and from the papyrus swamp.
People probably said the same thing when they switched from scrolls to the printed books, or from clay tablets to papyrus.
Ibex and oryx will scatter at your approach, loping to higher ground as you wind among the arching papyrus reeds.
The ancient papyrus pages had been scattered into nearly a thousand fragments that crumbled at even the slightest touch.
Instead, they had to be written on materials such as papyrus, animal hide and even partially on copper.
Egyptians kept similar records on papyrus, which deteriorates faster than clay.

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