paper tape in a sentence

Example sentences for paper tape

Previously, commands had to be fed into a computer in batches, usually via a punch card or paper tape.
There was a bookcase and a worktable with piles of manuals, scraps from notebooks, and rolled-up fragments of yellow paper tape.
Apply paper tape to all four sides of the wafer, if you are active.
Properly seal the envelope flap with gummed kraft paper tape.
Tapers apply the joint compound along each side of the joint, and apply paper tape the length of the joint.
Tape recording uses iron oxide on paper tape or plastic tape to make the magnetic recording.
When the magnet operated, the stylus made an impression or tiny dent in a paper tape which wound past a clockwork motor.
If the stage height is recorded to paper tape the data is read from the paper tape by a paper tape reader attached to a computer.
Ridges on the drums caused pins to punch a line of holes in the paper tape.
In some machines the message may also be recorded on paper tape.
Stenographic symbols are recorded on both paper tape and on the computer.
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