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Paper airplane contest awards the flimsy fliers that are a cut above the rest.
Pat out the dough on an oiled sheet of parchment paper.
What the video does is give me almost verbatim what was written in the paper article.
Have ready four sheets of parchment paper or foil, nine or ten inches square, and a baking sheet.
The output from the telescope appeared on four three-track pen recorders as a squiggly red line on moving chart paper.
The females secrete a thin, white, brittle shell called the paper nautilus.
One way to deform a thin sheet of paper, for example, is to compress it from all sides.
Butter cake pans, then line bottoms with rounds of parchment paper.
Line a baking sheet with wax paper and lightly sprinkle with flour.
Transfer to a large tray lined with sheet of parchment paper.
Butter sheet pans, then line bottoms with parchment paper and butter parchment.
Trim the ends of the lemons, discarding them, and cut the lemons crosswise into paper-thin slices.
Line a baking sheet with parchment or wax paper and lightly dust with flour.
If they are different audiences then the purpose of presenting the same paper is to enlighten those different audiences.
More quickly than almost anyone predicted, e-books are emerging as a serious alternative to the paper kind.
If you work in an office, it's likely that you go through a lot of paper products every year.
Nothing is more ordinary than a paper bag, which is why these hats are so extraordinary.
Create these distinctive gift wraps with snowflake and scalloped-circle cookie cutters on solid-colored paper.
Most paper products, including packaging materials, can be recycled.
Some day soon, videos may be playing on paper instead of screens.
In this family workshop, learn how to recycle paper and other materials to make gifts.
Turn plain paper into fancy wrapping with a tropical star fruit and an ink pad.
If you will be writing a big paper anytime soon, give it a try.
Well, anyone who has ever pored over a scientific research paper will recall its recondite jargon.
Recycling paper is a creative project that benefits the environment.
Electronic books are still far too crude to replace ink and paper.
Exposure to light only causes fading and the yellowing of the paper.
Wet down the paper well with a garden hose after it's in place so that the pieces will mat together and stay put.
Researchers have devised ways to make flexible electronics, for such things as electronic paper.
Even in the age of paperless options for bills, banking and other daily transactions, paper is still ubiquitous.
GM trees could be designed so that they ease paper processing, for instance.
Two castes of paper wasps are genetically identical.
Paper bags, fabric remnants, and magazine pages become gift wrap.
It would also be a great way to keep bunches of paper neatly filed, but close to hand.
In the past few years the paper has suffered repeated staff cuts.
Paper recycles into new paper products by blending with water in a pulper.
The paper is referring to a bill that penalizes individuals for breaking coral.
Come to this workshop for beginners to learn the skills and techniques of paper folding.
Place the printout on a baking sheet and cover it with waxed paper.
The low-cost, low-power paper will be used in huge posters and cell phone displays.
Paper and plastic items are spread out on a conveyor belt in a single layer.
Enjoy unique stationery such as our waterproof ink jet adventure paper to print weather-resistant maps.
Some museums collected paper and containers and bottles.
Though print media and paper use in offices are greatly declining, it won't be a paperless world anytime soon.
When you need to print, use recycled paper and print on both sides.
And the folded paper cootie catchers do nothing but induce a placebo effect in affected persons.
Pull off the parchment paper and let the crust cook.
We'll be sharpening up the blades and turning them toward the pulpy flesh of a sheet of paper.
Logging operations, which provide the world's wood and paper products, also cut countless trees each year.
Shredded paper lines the inside of a shoe box covered with a paper grocery bag.
It consumes power only when the electronic paper is activated.
Give the students paper and writing utensils and ask them to draw their own waves.
Messages written on colored paper were tucked inside the fortune cookie-style candy.
With simple cookie cutters and paint, you can make your own distinctive wrapping paper.
When you've finally found the gift for the geek who has every gadget, make sure you wrap it in some suitably geeky wrapping paper.
Have students write their questions on their own paper to take home, or give them slips of paper with these questions listed.
Plagiarists have vexed school officials since the dawn of the term paper.
Use mural paper or a bulletin board to create a local watershed mural.
Some markets include ruffled paper or foil cuffs to slip on the rib bone tips.
Print out the carousel card onto a card-weight paper stock.
Salad rolls wrapped in rice paper or nori taste best freshly made.
Cover chandelier lanterns with tissue paper to create a soft glow.
Toilet paper rolls come wrapped in paper, not plastic.
In fact, their paper doubles as a manifesto for a new discipline.
One of the largest companies producing electronic voting machines has released a prototype that can produce paper ballots.
First one was a paper on a movie the students had watched.
The paper has been losing money for the past two and a half years.
Indeed, quite often the online paper has a direct link to it.
In some ways the transition from paper to digital distribution is a boon.
Once in a while a paper changes piles at that point, but not usually.
But invoices, bills and statements continued to arrive on paper.
From the earliest days of aviation, pilots have relied upon paper maps to help find their way.
Has anyone ever had a dispute over who should be the first author on a paper.
Use both sides of a sheet of paper for writing notes before recycling it.
Think of it as the digital vs paper book debate, but for kids.
We had a student whose instructor felt had plagiarized a paper.
Place the bottom layer on a fresh sheet of paper and outline it.
Trial researcher alleges paper exaggerated antidepressant benefits.
Place them on a paper towel to absorb excess grease.
Be sure to mark where the orientation lines meet the paper.
With strainer, transfer chickpeas to several layers of paper towels to drain, then toss with spice mixture.
Paper money is almost always tainted with drug residue.
It is a system where the first time you enter a good, a bad, and a mediocre paper.
So this might be the only one with the full lyrics all on one piece of paper.
Test a few for ripeness by softening them in a paper bag and then tasting them.
When you must print, use soy-based ink toner cartridges and recycled-content paper.
In short, it's an ideal way to finally ditch boring old paper from your life.
The directions for the application do not include specifics on how long the paper should be.
Wad up this paper towel, and place it in the watershed.
But the focus in the new paper isn't on the dinosaur's skeleton or outside appearance.
Use a clean cloth or paper towel to rub down the print as you go.
There is considerable research on how people read on paper.
People politely jostle for position, and give up toilet paper to others.
Before actually digging your plot, draw a rough plan on paper.
There is, of course, a great difference between a novel and a scientific paper.
Design a nook with an outdoor rug, paper lantern, and comfortable cushions.
Show students the poster paper you have decorated and taped to the wall.
Have students look at this diagram of a right whale, either online or on paper.
For the cookies, use a pretty box with a lid or a vintage tin lined with tissue paper.
White calyxes reminiscent of paper lanterns surround scarlet flowers, giving a striking two-tone contrast.
Or, give students two pieces of white letter-size paper and help them make a six-page booklet.
Above all there is the musty odor of decaying paper.
And those of you who received your magazine in the mail may have noticed that it was not wrapped in the usual white paper.
One can imagine the researchers waiting around for that last bird to die so they could submit the paper.
And as for vacations, people may have two weeks or a week on paper, but many don't take it.
The days of paper books and newspapers are numbered.
Decorate the outside of the paper towel roll with stickers or wrapping paper.
The cardboard boxes you recycle reincarnate as paper bags, paperboard packaging and new cardboard boxes.
The shorter the fibers, the lower the quality of the new paper they can make.
Near the edges of the paper, draw pictures of animals and/or plants native to the country, particularly those that are endangered.
Then, show the students the clipboard with a piece of paper on it.
Replace disposable paper cups with washable, reusable mugs.
Apply glue stick to the back of the cut piece of paper.
Knead the dough with your hands for a few minutes, then use a rolling pin to roll it out on a wax paper-covered surface.
He began to paint by making slow measured marks on the paper, which was laid on the ground.
Fold up one paper towel until it is about the size of the student's hand.
Starting over, roll the paper top to bottom to create a new cylinder.
Finding them would be hopeless, except that they dropped a scrap of paper with some odd scribbles on it.
Cut out the pattern or make your own out of a piece of paper.
Ever since ink turned into toner and pixel, printed paper has been struggling to survive as a medium.
Deterrent high power microwave weapons will not be discussed in this paper.
It consists of a sampling of the company's whole product range, and is enough to turn the pen and paper nerds wild.
Silver ink reads well on dark brown paper, and scalloped scissors give the card a decorative edge.
Transfer with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain.
Dampen board surface by brushing with water and blotting off excess with a cloth or paper towel.
In place of foil, my burrito is wrapped in yellow waxed paper and propped in a tray.
Brown the pancetta in a medium frying pan, then transfer it to paper towels.
Place on iron or tin sheet covered with brown paper, and bake twenty-five minutes in hot oven.
Remove to serving dish, place a paper frill on each chop, and garnish with parsley.
Set moulds in pan of hot water, cover with buttered paper, and bake in a moderate oven fifteen minutes.
Cover meat with rice, cover rice with buttered paper to keep out moisture while steaming, and steam forty-five minutes.
Almost all loans at interest are made in money, either of paper, or of gold and silver.
Tea was first used, paper manufactured and wood-block printing began.
Place in buttered shallow plate, cover with buttered paper, and bake five minutes in hot oven.
The spout of pot should be covered or stuffed with soft paper to prevent escape of fragrant aroma.
Cover mould with oiled paper, and let stand over night.
Remove from mould, and place on a plate covered with a lace paper napkin.
It was sometimes his way-the master's, that is-to write his orders on a sheet of paper and throw it on the stair.
We also never show a student paper to any one that is not first authorized by the instructor.
For example, in one concept paper there were three of us.
But before you book your plane ticket and pay your registration fees, you need to have your paper accepted.
And a new paper illuminates what sets them apart from those disadvantaged students who do not.
Strictly speaking, his invention is not so much self-erasing ink as self-erasing paper.
The idea is that casual readers of the paper will be able to keep visiting the website, whereas heavy users will be charged.
And if you look closer at the paper's conclusions, you see that the author is basically talking about leverage.
She found him reading the paper, one leg suspended in the air, as he was pulling on a sock.
It's a good present, hardly any rust on the spiral and no water damage to the paper.
The book is a set of interlinked stories, each focussing on a single character at the paper.
Most paper recyclers can't process the glue that binds books along the spine.
The paper has called an end to that, but it hasn't retreated from presenting shows by the water.
He locks the door so no one will see his walls, plastered with slips of paper.
The paper refused to allow its readers to comment on the first two of those stories.
Add enough oil to cover by about half an inch, then lightly press a piece of parchment paper down on the surface of the oil.
Paper-based diagnostic tests represent an exciting opportunity for improving medical testing in poor countries.
Over the past few years, there has been a drive to develop displays that more closely mimic the properties of paper.
Their paper outlines the approach and simulates how well a dodecahedral cloak can hide a sphere.
Her solution combines digital technology with the familiar paper notebooks that villagers prefer.
Medicine today is a sea of paper and fax machines, privacy barriers, and unconnected data.
The proposal for voter-verified paper ballots is both practical and intuitive.
The paper also describes for the first time a particularly aggressive subtype of the disease.
Focus enough sunlight on a sheet of paper and you can light a fire.
Previously, commands had to be fed into a computer in batches, usually via a punch card or paper tape.
The paper had previously been left to flourish without prying from the family.
Bags of gold, silver, and paper currency arrived here by horse-drawn vans and were carted upstairs to the vaults.
Scores of people are dead, and you're in your robe, getting the paper somewhere.
There was a bookcase and a worktable with piles of manuals, scraps from notebooks, and rolled-up fragments of yellow paper tape.
Well, frankly, all those paper clips and water coolers really add up.
Going out was a performance and would be recorded in every paper.
Take a piece of paper and crumple it into as small a ball as you can.
Here's an interesting paper from yesterday's hep-th batch of abstracts.
The planar world is the world that can be drawn on a flat piece of paper.
In other words, this paper supports and adds detail to our prior expectations, it does not shift a paradigm.
Below the fold is an important figure from the paper.
With all this in mind, by all means, read the new paper.
They were discussing a paper on chimp genomics, and someone joked about the idiocy of hybridization.
Cheaper paper, more efficient printing, and faster transportation encouraged the proliferation of newspapers and magazines.
Transfer to a large tray lined with parchment paper.
Transfer cakes with a slotted spatula to paper towels to drain.
If you decide to use parchment paper instead, be prepared for some chips to stick to it.
Drain on paper towels, reserving fat in skillet, then crumble.
Drain on absorbent paper and keep warm on a heated platter.
Season with salt and pepper, then cover surface with wax paper.
Drain on paper towels, then arrange on a large baking sheet.
Wrap washed leaves in paper towels and place in a sealable plastic bag.
Butter pan and fit a round of parchment paper in bottom.
Transfer with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain briefly.
Traditionally, people have looked to wrapping paper and ribbons.
Write your reading on a piece of paper so you remember the reading.
Consumer model paper shredders are growing in popularity.
Filter paper is used to rid a liquid of solid particles.
Well, here's the wrapping paper that could change all of that.

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