papaya in a sentence

Example sentences for papaya

In one village several kids run ahead to show me their avocado, papaya, and lemon trees.
Other food plants-squash and papaya, for instance-have been genetically engineered to resist diseases.
Dabbing a ball of sticky rice into a fiery green-papaya salad, the lady in red blinks back tears.
The fish is wrapped around papaya, which was an interesting combination.
For dessert, try the plate piled with fresh papaya, guava and watermelon.
Heavy infestation of papaya mealybug on papaya stem.
Place oranges, banana, kiwi and berries in each papaya half.

Famous quotes containing the word papaya

The prettiest papaya are the emptiest inside.... more
A glass of papaya juice and back to work. My heart is in my pocket, it is Poems by Pierre Reverdy.... more
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