paparazzi in a sentence

Example sentences for paparazzi

The show advertises itself as the first survey of paparazzi in this country, and that makes sense.
They prefer the intrusive shots that paparazzi sell.
Beating up your paparazzi stalkers is so last century.
She likes a good party and a hot new nightclub and has been a persistent paparazzi favorite.
There will be parties and paparazzi and pretty clothes and public affirmations of affection and respect.
These ethnographic paparazzi travel from around the world, hoping to create a record of a culture under siege.
She's probably muttering about the paparazzi under her breath.
They try to avoid the paparazzi as they hide their latest tabloid scandal from the kids.
Instead, he has been mamboing in the ballroom of a cruise ship and sunbathing at pool side, much to the delight of the paparazzi.
It encourages people to push the limits: the more scandalous they are the more they attract the attention of the paparazzi.
He needs to be adored, and he'll banter with fans, but his face goes dead when a tribe of paparazzi or even an agent comes near.
And you'd better look out for the paparazzi circling the door.
The paparazzi swarm with their cameras, the tourists swarm with their feet, and a cloud of volcanic ash swarms overhead.
As the stars emerge, they find themselves in a perilously crowded courtyard of people and paparazzi.
Paparazzi get photos of celebrities doing pretty much everything, but they never seem to get pictures of stars after surgery.
He ducks into the car while television cameras press up to the windshield, celebrity-paparazzi-style, filming him driving away.
Along one bank of the pond bordering a refuge road, another cadre of camo-clad geese paparazzi lined up.
Before long, the area was mobbed by unusually well behaved botanical paparazzi.
Still later on there were motorcycle paparazzi chasing him around as his motorcade moved from one point to another.
It even has the professional hardness of red-carpet paparazzi.
Fashion editors and buyers, paparazzi and reporters burble and air-kiss happily in the middle of the room.
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