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Example sentences for pap

What a bunch of modern-day, super-politically-correct pap.
Such narrative pap was poisoning future students' minds, they moaned, making later study of real history more difficult.
Everyone needs a budget for useless pseudoscientific pap.
In any event a degree of moderation of this resource is needed to deter both trolls and those who persist in posting pap.
But second, your makers actually announced a respectable design philosophy at odds with the usual luxury gadget pap.
But pap smears allow precancerous lesions to be treated before they become cancerous.
They are smoking less and taking more preventive tests such as mammograms and pap smears.
Pap smears effectively spot such changes, but they must be done regularly.
Depending upon your spiritual outlook, this statement is either a profound truth or sentimental pap.

Famous quotes containing the word pap

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