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The whole panel then considers the project and makes its decision.
Yet another bipartisan panel gets ready to tackle the deficit.
The panel was excavated in perfect condition from a royal ball court.
Intergovernmental panel aims to become more responsive.
The panel featured several politicians and nutrition experts.
The rest of the panel ranges from raving to pretty encouraging.
People buying medicine scratch off a panel attached to the packaging.
The next time you buy a cell phone, take a close look at the display panel.
When the van's side panel swung open, people began to ooh and aah at the sight of eight magnificent rocking horses.
Build a simple frame for a plywood panel sized to fit the bed.
The company says a failure in a power panel led to a fire involving an insulation blanket.
The basic metabolic panel is a group of blood tests that provides information about your body's metabolism.
Also, the panel does not make the funding decision, so that is not supposed to come into play at all.
Electric panel heaters are mounted on a wall near an outlet to heat individual rooms.
Read our feature to get their time-tested tips from our panel discussion.
Until the end of the month our guest panel offer their perspectives on the debate.
But a proposal to allow limited fishing for scientific purposes was struck down by the panel.
The panel on the climbing robot, about the size of a coffee tray, harvested enough power to run a small lawnmower.
When closed, the door provides visual privacy, but its translucent panel helps keep an open feel.
He uses bold, even strokes and bright colours, and is not constrained to a particular panel size or narrative format.
The cost of a photovoltaic panel is declining steadily.
But the biggest boost comes from a good solar panel factory.
She also happens to be on the five-member panel that chose the design.
But this week a panel of wildlife biologists and conservation advocates sounded a more positive note.
The bigger the screen of a device, the bigger the solar panel.
One panel will discuss the failings of the discipline in light of the financial crisis.
The panel also helps the pack conform to your body as you move.
The main panel bears a red rectangular block, an anthropomorphic character with antennae, and what appears to be a bighorn sheep.
Each panel consists of three members-usually a lawyer or a judge, a doctor, and a psychologist or a social worker.
The panel has a hole at each end for hooking, tying, bungee-ing or screwing in the supplied suction cups.
The solar panel itself is tough, light and flexible.
The multi-touch panel is suspended within the screen-bezel and spins on its horizontal axis, facing out or in depending on need.
The panel warned the future-wary that if the pace of change seems a nuisance now, you ain't seen nothing yet.
But so little is used that the new technique would add only a few cents to the price of a solar panel.
If weather conditions deteriorate, a panel of experts uses an index system to determine if crops will no longer be viable.
Our guest panel offer their perspectives on the debate.
All five or six candidates will have sent one, so the interview panel will have seen them all.
The chair had goofed on how many people were allowed on the panel, and one of us had to go.
And a panel encasing a vacuum is one of the best insulators known.
Plus there are differences in solar panel manufacturers, mounting and other equipment.
Rather the team was trying to create new kinds of transparent semiconductors for flat-panel displays.
The liquid salt battery can be recharged with a small solar panel on top of your car or garage.
All they have to do is leave the solar panel on their roof through the day, and they have light at night.
The installers had installed the panel mounting brackets on the wrong part of the roof.
Every week, our panel of sports fans discusses a topic of the moment.
Judged on creativity and photographic quality, a first place winner was selected in each category by a panel of experts.
When light hits the panel, it is diffused to the edges, which are covered with silicon solar receptors.
It was a federal judicial panel that was all too eager to endorse it.
Hook up wires to capture the electric current and that's your solar panel.
Private companies, the panel's reasoning goes, would be better at reining in costs and keeping their eye on the ball.
But there was one non-scientist on the panel who did her best to make the scientists aware of the world outside their community.
There is no better solar panel than the leaf of a plant.
They already have solar panel technology in place where your windows can become solar panels.
As solar panel manufacturers try to harvest more of the sun's energy for less, they face increasingly diminishing returns.
In conventional solar panels, light is absorbed because the entire panel is coated with high-grade silicon.
They plan to study polymers made from liquid crystals, which are used in flat-panel displays.
If the maps were rejected, the panel would try again.
If lawmakers still didn't approve, the panel would decide which proposal became law.
As utility bills go up, new solar-panel financing is helping homeowners mortgage the sun.

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