paned in a sentence

Example sentences for paned

Imagine: the solar cell is the top pane of a double paned skylight.
The windows are heavy-paned slivers set high in the walls.
Complemented with sunny rooms, dual-paned windows and modern heating and air-conditioning.
Single level home featuring vaulted ceilings in sunny living room, newer dual-paned windows and granite tile in kitchen.
Painted, multi-paned window bays are inset between brick pilasters.
The central doorways on the first and second floors have vertically paned transoms and sidelights.
Replace single-pane windows with double or triple paned windows with low-e coating.
Aerogels were transparent but they were not transparent enough to be used in double-paned windows.
To help increase the energy efficiency of green buildings, glaziers frequently install double-paned windows.
These windows lose less heat to the outdoor environment than single-paned alternatives.
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