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Example sentences for pane

Select the slide you want to change in the pane on the left.
To look out one's window and see nothing but doom is to be focused on the cracks in the pane rather than the vista beyond it.
The right pane displays the entire profile, with a selected area defined by two red vertical lines.
And, since there's still a pane missing, now they have an excuse to own another dog.
Pane wrote, and boaters often anchored in the harbor to listen.
All you need to do is drag the item from the center pane and drop it on the appropriate library in the left pane.
New roof, new double pane windows, new furnace and lighting.
All the left pane information is minimized by default.
Both have granite counters in the kitchen, double pane windows, and private garages.
If a job is not done by a set deadline, the pane goes red and the employee's supervisor is automatically notified.
Imagine: the solar cell is the top pane of a double paned skylight.
Channels are organized as a list of folders down the left side with headlines presented in an opposite facing pane.
The sunroom has tile floors and features triple pane windows which look out to a colorful back yard with rows of roses.
If the pane needs to be changed the user must be able to change via keystroke.
The single pane window is only slightly warmer than the cold air behind it.
The right side of your screen contains an additional navigation pane.

Famous quotes containing the word pane

There is a time for building And a time for living and for generation And a time for the wind to break the loosened more
All out of doors looked darkly in at him Through the thin frost, almost in separate stars, That gathers on the pan... more
The path was a vague parting in the grass That led us to a weathered windowsill. We pressed our faces to the pane<... more
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