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Example sentences for pandering

However, the politicians figure they could get themselves re-elected by pandering to greens and lobbyists.
Pandering to social misinformation in media is what needs to be regulated, not personal choice.
Science spending by a deficit-ridden, broke government is mere pandering for votes.
Characters are never fully brought to life, and there is a rather cynical pandering to prurience.
As has been reported in this blog already, politicians are feeling the heat from drivers, and are shamelessly pandering to them.
Lack of opinion and pandering do not win in the digital age.
The goal is audience maximization, and the consequence is often a pandering to the lowest common denominator.
The last thing they want to be accused of is pandering.
Right, but certain changes may only be pandering to the public at large, or to political correctness.
Voters and lawmakers may be moved by the stories or turned off by what they see as emotional pandering.
The key is not pandering to the lowest common denominator.
Some might say he had a clinical aversion to pandering.
Pandering in the extreme, and inept, inaccurate stereotyped pandering at that.
The bottom line is that this proposal is disgraceful and uniquely pandering.
But the pandering and insincerity this engendered proved deadly.
Conviction's pandering no-loose-ends policy might actually have ended up hurting it in the awards derby.
Football can illuminate politics, as a measure of a candidate's capacity for pandering, if nothing else.
Not simply pandering or responding to what they want.
Perhaps he is pandering to his pious base because after all he is a politician.
But sometimes you have to do a little pandering to make people think it's worthwhile.
It's not strange, if you realize that those other countries aren't in the business of pandering to paranoids.
The question is whether appealing to it is anything more than pandering.
Talking down to the scientifically illiterate is not the best way forward, but neither is pandering to their ignorance.
He will be beholden to them, and he will have to continue pandering to them if he expects to win a second term.
It's easier to do this by pandering to the existing culture than by attempting to elevate it.
The new owners were soon pandering to a different vice-marijuana.
And it needs to stop pandering to ethnic demagogues with special programmes for ethnic minorities.
But her opponents in next year's poll may accuse her of pandering to the old elite.
It is too often gridlocked, pandering to the extremes on both sides of the political aisle.
One, this seems to be a case of globalization pandering to high net worth individuals, with the inevitable race to bottom ensuing.
Campaign season is filled with rhetoric and nationalist pandering.
Of course there is political pandering on energy policy.
Meaningless laws, argued by vote-pandering and intellectually challenged people.

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