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Example sentences for pander

We want people to actually do there freaking job instead of pander to the propaganda used to train the herd.
In other words, politicians pander because it works with dullard voters.
Greed and greed alone, as producers pander to their corporate backers' lust for a few more dollars.
Silly idea meant to pander to the worship of all things athletics.
They seem designed mainly to give politicians cover and pander to voters' desire to feel virtuous.
He plays music that rarely challenges his own historical achievements, and that in its simplicity seems to pander to his audience.
It is one thing to pander and obstruct when you are out of power.
He is also asking him to pander to a single group when the candidate should be running as president of all the people.
They reasoned that an informal, late-night atmosphere is exactly the setting to challenge audiences, not pander to them.
These are the group's dimmest songs, the ones on which they pander the most.
Net gainers are landlords, political parties that pander to them, and small businesses that employ them.
He wonders why hotels, which go to such pains to pander to guests' bodily needs, are so negligent of their mental requirements.
They have all been suppressed by governments who pander to big businesses.
To pander to depravity inevitably means to increase the depravity.
Now it allows its writers to pander to the political agenda's of the deniers.
Sorry, not my bag to pander to planned obsolescence.
Imagine snooty attendants with ear sets or signage that discriminates between customers to pander to the wealthiest customers.
Wearing a flag pin is a cheap, cynical way to pander to the yokels.
To serve the public interest, ratings cannot pander to either issuer or investor concerns.
But interpretive development need not pander to the former, nor seem impoverished to the latter.
Although it may be good politics to create yet another reservoir of voters to whom one can pander, it is bad government.
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