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This could be the beginning of an influenza pandemic.
He is working to stop the next global pandemic before it starts.
The pandemic has spread throughout the world's oceans with devastating effects on these docile sea-dwelling reptiles.
The death toll would climb much higher in the event of a new global pandemic or bioterror attack.
This was certainly true of the plan drawn up over the past few years to combat an influenza pandemic.
What does a pandemic have to do with economic recovery? So far, the prospect of worldwide swine flu is causing market panics.
Top virologists have been appearing in Washington in recent weeks to sound the alarm about pandemic flu.
As part of the deal, the companies will form joint teams to oversee manufacturing and pandemic planning.
At the moment, the world's pandemic-alert system is distressingly secretive.
Health officials have warned that it could spark a pandemic, infecting millions of people.
You'll need to manage health services worldwide to control the spread of the virus and prevent a pandemic.
The pandemic was no less terrifying elsewhere along the river.
The swine flu pandemic highlights a decades-old problem: industrial animal farming poses serious public health risks.
Completely unrelated to eating pork though the flu might be, a swine pandemic by any other name is still porcine in origin.
Despite its remarkable material properties, there was a pandemic of loosening with early generation polyethylene implants.
Sporadic vaccine shortages and fears of a flu pandemic could be fueling a surge in demand for flu shots, experts say.
All the elements are in place for the start of a global flu pandemic, except one, scientists report this week.
Making a film about a viral pandemic is never going to be a glamorous proposition.
The world-wide pandemic was more than a news story now.
Could be an alien invasion, a pandemic or nuclear annihilation.
Over time it's become clear to me that my photographs alone can't convey the human reality of the pandemic.
But world health officials fear such a development, which could trigger a deadly global pandemic, is possible.
Buying time to arm for a pandemic is possible--maybe.
Scientists build a pandemic flu strain in the lab.
The pandemic is growing in many places, and strains resistant to all existing drugs are emerging.
Amidst the hubbub surrounding the current pandemic threat from swine flu, an epidemiological mystery has been unfolding.
But a pandemic would dent hopes of a rapid recovery from recession, by providing yet another reason for gloom to continue.
The magnitude of the impact on growth rates is difficult to discern as the pandemic is still gathering steam.
Sometimes, as with the outlook for the swine-flu pandemic, progress and distress compete in the same story.
Here the post-war flu pandemic is less a national calamity than an opportunity to bump off awkward characters.
There could be other external shocks, such as terrorism or a bird-flu pandemic.
Moreover, weak governments may lack the wherewithal to identify and contain a pandemic that could spread globally.
Somehow the viruses spread to humans, sparking the current pandemic.
The huge decrease in human violence, the great risk of cyber attacks, and the paralyzing fear of pandemic disease.
She then argues that the transplants will, get this, cause a mutant virus leading to a global pandemic obliterating humanity.
Lucky for us, the chances of the next pandemic hurling in from space are slim to none.
Even in the middle of the pandemic, the bacterium was mutating.
Once published, misinformation is immortal, and it can sweep social networks and newsrooms alike with pandemic fervour.
We are always walking the razor's edge of some new pandemic.
Maybe one of those whom you think fail the fitness test will be one of the few souls resistant to the next pandemic.
Definition, characteristics, and impact of a flu pandemic.
Scientists predict that the world is due for a global outbreak, or pandemic, of influenza.
For the first time in history, the world is fighting a pandemic flu before it becomes a full-fledged catastrophe.
One of the first things that accompany news of dangerous flu viruses is an economic evaluation of the effects of a pandemic.
There's a pandemic out there of softhearted parents.

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It could be said that the AIDS pandemic is a classic own-goal scored by the human race against itself.... more
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