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Example sentences for palpable

At the meeting, the electricity about it was palpable, and it was obvious what it was.
There was some palpable resentment.
But there is a palpable need for consistent rules of engagement.
The palpable possibility of calamity is what makes adventure adventure.
With this wordless gesture, he conveys a palpable sense of defeat and social awkwardness.
Your seething is palpable.
Technology blogs lit up discussing the merits of the $100 laptop and how they wanted one; the excitement was palpable.
In many respects, however, its inferiority is palpable.
He saw it as a hostile state within the state, a palpable threat to the Empire.
There is a palpable sense of fear.
The renaissance seems indeed, both real and palpable.
Among the researchers, the frustration is palpable, their reactions unprintable.
He was killed for seeking to make the inevitable palpable.
But the sense of freedom and adventure was palpable, of course, as well.
The benefits for education are indirect, yet also palpable.
When he wrote about his process, the hairs on my neck stood up, so palpable was the excitement.
What it does mean is that by the time they open the lid, the excitement is palpable.
When the knee is flexed a portion of the patellar surface is uncovered and is palpable.
For a few seconds, there was a palpable crackle of tension.
Yet his wonderment and exasperation at what he reads is palpable.
Her elation over the creative license of this job is palpable.
There's been a palpable shift in the investment climate, and patience is in short supply.
What was notable in all the writing, above and beyond a mastery of language and of storytelling, was a palpable sense of ambition.
But these days there's a palpable sense that this needs to change.
There was a palpable conviction that the two revolutions were reliant on one another for their success.
Freedom, reflected in the street's diversity and daily ease, felt palpable.
Society is powerful precisely because its unwritten laws weigh upon us heavily enough to be palpable.
The stakes were enormous, the emotion was palpable, the scrutiny was intense.
Yet despite the excuse of bad weather and the flakiness of the figure, it still came as a palpable shock.
Even so, there is palpable concern that the dollar's decline might get out of hand.
The mood of excitement to see things and to learn is palpable.
But the panic in the party is palpable-along with a mounting sense of injustice.
Tension between those two principles-sovereignty versus intervention-has been palpable for decades.
The brushed-metal casings give off a palpable heat as the hundreds of kilowatts flow through.
But the excitement during and after their presentations was palpable.
His enthusiasm for music was so palpable, and his familiarity with the music.
It was a matter of palpable concern to a community that tried to sweep this activity under the carpet.
The palpable involvement of the entire cast was winning.
But when he finally sat down, his tension was palpable.

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