palliate in a sentence

Example sentences for palliate

Conversely, the custom of a glass of milk before bed may slightly palliate an impending hangover.
The primary goal is to help the patient and cure or palliate the disease.
It took a while before I could express myself well enough to palliate her wrath.
But it also behoves the world to admit that that is what it is bringing about, and not palliate the facts by finer words.
Do not palliate sins by euphemisms.
It was not to palliate his crimes.
To speak outright; not to palliate or gloss over the matter.
Less shame a greater fault would palliate.
We don't need cosmetics to palliate these mistakes.
At the very best, he might midly palliate some of the recessionary pain.
Medicine's goal is not only to cure or palliate disease.
Radiation therapy may be used to palliate central disease or distant metastases.

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