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Possibly more gear to choose from and more color palette options would be great.
The limited color palette and simple composition are lovely.
Her broader palette is the evolution of language.
I'll tell you a name, and you tell me where on the palette you would put it.
Every room in my house is in a beige and brown palette (no colours).
There, Modigliani's palette grew brighter and his compositions bolder.
Each has a palette of vivid but soothing reds, oranges and blues to illuminate attractive icons on slim toolbars.
This is a solid yarn with strong characters and a full palette of local color.
Wells differentiates between the two homelands in palette and artistic style.
He considered, discarded and pared down ideas for months before he squeezed even a drop of paint onto his palette.
He also developed the technique of using a palette knife-and even his thumb-to apply and shape paint.
He rendered the scene in a palette of solemn gray, brown and ocher, with raging seas and menacing skies dominating the picture.
Enjoy the vivid palette and traditions of this multi-ethnic, multi-cultural island nation.
Set against the dark palette of the rain forest, the bear's fur appears shabbily radiant.
These formulae could be used to mix compounds from a palette of smells to produce a range of different odours.
Please do pick a color palette where the individual lines can be correlated to their references.
The airline went a little nuts with the decoration and color palette for the new space, but overall it works.
Each of the five colors in your palette represents a different type of sound.
She can pick from a full color palette, adding color to any number of slightly animated scenes.
Even the cookie-cutter housing developments, with their xeriscaping and washed-out desert palette, remind you where you are.
ReCharge ice cream has gone through a string of taste-tests to ensure that the product satisfies the palette.
Here, lilac and blush make for a comforting palette.
Rooms done in the green tea and plum palette contain two comfortable chairs upholstered in olive-green crushed velvet.
But it tells where it needs to show, and sketches by number where it needs a brighter emotional palette.
Maybe it can branch out into a richer, wider palette of sound.
Their palette is nearing its peak now, infusing the natural canvas with vibrant hues.
He has shifted his color palette from subdued hues to vivid primary schemes.
Every frame was manipulated and color-shifted to create an intense, thunderstorm palette.
Behind the perfumer's palette is the history of synthetic organic chemistry.
Use the green arrows to the left and right of the picture palette to switch picture menus.
The paints are thick-some applied with a heavily laden brush, others troweled on in thick runnels with a palette knife.
Comics-related museum shows and gallery exhibitions are a regular part of the art world palette.
Here he played it with varied, colorful timbres and a large dynamic palette.
But more often it shows the group aiming to expand its palette, with mildly spiritual lyrics and a diminished reliance on rhythm.

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