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Pale light seeped in from a sun rising somewhere out of sight.
Ferny, pale yellowish green leaves are light sensitive and fold at night.
The bill is generally bulky and long and ranges from gray to pale horn in color.
Back gray, below pale whitish gray with darker flanks, white or sometimes yellowish vent.
Blossoms typically deepen in color after opening, so clusters contain both pale and darker blooms.
The lupulins vary in color from a pale to a deep yellow.
In a large bowl or blender, beat or whirl eggs until light and pale.
They are astonishing, those eyes: pale and opalescent, with vagrant beams of light glancing from the corneas.
His pale skin was illuminated by a single light, and he had thrown back his head and closed his eyes.
Pale ales satisfy, without drawing attention to themselves.
Such facial sculpting is either beyond the pale or, as now, suddenly fashionable.
But those pale in comparison to what expectant stumpy-tailed lizards endure.
He was handsome, with pale blue eyes and a gentle, gap-toothed smile.
Plant hellebores for blooms of pale green to ruby, garnet, and deep amethyst.
He has appeared to my left, staring at me with pale blue eyes.
Some people experience less sweating, and their skin becomes pale.
Hiring lab technicians and giving up research space makes the president pale.
The salaries paid to top doctors and civil servants pale next to the best packages on offer in private firms.
Behind them the sky was pale again and the sun flared.
The pale scale worm was long and had a fringe along each side of it.
Tapered pale green leaves bordered in red are smooth, fleshy, and thornless.
The public good has become a thin and pale expression, when it isn't dismissed altogether as a fiction.
And the jobs lost to outsourcing pale in comparison with the number of jobs lost and created each month at home.
The fish turn bright red with a pale green head as they prepare to spawn in freshwater.
The tracks are pale brown trails where green trees and plants have been uprooted, leaving disturbed ground.
Pale blue bedding contrasts with the room's rich browns.
The lack of prestigious faculty helps the charge that online education is a pale shadow of the traditional version.
Albino gators are ill suited for life in the wild because their pale skin offers little protection from the sun.
As our canoes float into the rocky shoal, the lilies seem to engulf us, the giant pale flowers reaching to our chins.
Yet these advances pale in comparison with the difficulties that lie ahead.
Fresh-off-the-stalk rice is pale green and encased in a long, thin hull.
Pale, pale foliage that looks even more so thanks to its blood-red edges.
Yet the set of reform measures that is on its way to being implemented is only a pale reflection of these prescriptions.
Most animals that live in darkness are pale and colorless.
Here he explored the extent to which a simple sum or an average can be computed outside the pale of consciousness.
By hanging a pale piece of art on a pale wall, it becomes an equal player in a sweet tableau, instead of the focal point.
All other character traits pale into insignificance, that is why salespeople have such radically different personalities.
But these pale beside other issues the labour movement is pursuing.
One is pale pink, the other two-toned red and white.
Fresh birds have a scaly look due to complete pale fringing of feathers.
The entrance is a yellow metal ramp that brings you to a pale green building.
He looked at the heap of mashed turnips, and the golden baked squash, and the pale fried parsnips.
Pale blue or white flowers in midsummer add to my plant list.
Belly pale and lacking the scaled appearance of the adults.
Leaves are marbled with white and pale yellow add to my plant list.
Tail has pale tips, the extent of which depends on subspecies.
Flowers dark purple above, pale l more add to my plant list.
Under a pale blue morning sky, a string of horses heads across an untracked meadow dusted with snow.
Ionized hydrogen flickers a pale violet, and the welding torch ignites it into a pale blue flame.
The pale gray concrete floor tiles feature pewter floral insets.
Leaves vary from pale to dark green, usually divided into leaflets.
In spring, these show off pale green tufts of new needles and bright purple-red new cones.
Pale lilac to white flowers appear in spikelike clusters barely taller than the leaves.
White, pale purplish pink, and violet-blue varieties are available.
Semidouble and fully double pale pink flowers often have white centers.
They get their name from the extremely thin membrane of their wings and their ghostly pale fur.
If the water in the body is balanced, the urine will be a pale straw or lemonade colour.
Be careful not to have many other objects nearby, a red travel mug to the side can give the background a pale pink hue.
Then the house was a lovely shade of pale pink, with white trim.
We now know that the risks of splitting atoms pale beside the dreadful toll exacted by fossil fuels.
He saves the empty backgrounds for expressionistic improvisation in glowing pastel pinks, powder blues and pale yellows.
He pilots a motorized wheelchair by blowing into a sip-and-puff tube, his pale hands strapped to the armrests.
But all this seemed to pale beside what had happened to him afterwards at the hands of his friend.
Aside from my overly pale complexion, there's nothing to set me apart now.
Ozone is a form of oxygen: a highly poisonous, pale blue gas with a strong odor.
Pale green or yellowish liquid on top of your yogurt at the end of fermenting is normal and harmless.
Big domes of pale purple flowers in late summer or fall.
Artificially sweetened foods remain a pale reflection of the real thing.
Typical colors range from deep crimson to pale pink.
It's pale green and crisper than other zucchinis, and has enormous blossoms.
Double-flowered plant sports rose pink bracts with white to pale green centers add to my plant list.
Using a sharp knife, peel away the fibrous skin of the broccoli and then cut the pale inside trunk into matchstick-size batons.
Add garlic, and cook until fragrant and pale golden brown.
One artichoke at a time, peel away outer leaves, leaving tender pale green leaves.
Its eyebrows are blond, and wisps of pale hair escape its snugly superimposed blue and red bonnets.
These failings pale to insignificance when one considers the sales figures.
The pale, squinty, early spring perfection of the day made me smile.
Downtown, even the places that used to seem permanently beyond the pale have been colonized by prosperity.
Rove's house is done in soft silks and elegant colors, seafoam and other pale-green shades.
To match her hair, her makeup was futuristic glam, with silver gray lids and pale pink lips.
That's the dialectic: if you are a success, especially a corporate success, you cannot also be out of control and beyond the pale.
Miller, always slim, had lost quite a bit of weight during her confinement and looked pale and frail under her trademark pageboy.
He's seated in the corner of the limo and appears pale and frail and sucked dry.

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