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To drive that point home, perhaps, six tanks took up positions around the presidential palace.
In this dress he returned, and sat in grief at the palace gate in his usual place.
And the palace was full of servants and maidens whose loveliness would tempt a saint.
In exquisite detail, the painter shows tiny mountains in the yogi's ears and palace walls in his feet.
The duke built an opulent palace for himself nearby.
On the southern part of the palace complex, unexploded bombs were pointed out by local villagers.
The world's largest ship at the time, she was truly a floating palace.
Plans are in place for a restaurant on the shoreline and concerts in the palace's rooftop garden.
My parents surprised me with five nights at an old palace.
One of his perks was a spacious house in the grounds of the presidential palace.
As military rule gave way to a semi-functional democracy, the palace served as a respected power-broker.
Most red shirts are well versed in the palace's meddling in politics.
Their spokesman at first ruled out talks with the palace, saying the next step was to abolish the monarchy.
The palace followed this approach to its logical conclusion.
They do their painting on church ceilings and papal palace walls, silly.
Sure, they show the missile going through the kitchen window of the palace, but they don't show the size of the crater afterwards.
Once a fair and stately palace-Radiant palace-reared its head.
More alarmingly, the palace's electrical systems have not been updated since then.

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