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Example sentences for pajamas

So the swag contains your sleeping bag, teddy bear, pajamas or whatever else you want to put in it.
She stood over her new calf, its wrinkly skin bunched around its neck and knees, resembling oversize gray pajamas.
Clad only in pajamas and paper slippers, the prisoners were denied writing materials.
He is wearing loose pajamas, and the strand of hair he combs over his bald spot stands straight up.
Some people enjoy the luxury of interviewing in their pajamas.
All of my subsequent interviews were done in jeans or pajamas.
Still not fully awake, you stumble into the bathroom and slip out of your cotton pajamas.
Under his brown corduroy suit he was wearing his pajamas.
The store specializes in everything from pants, dresses and scarves to fragrances, jewelry and pajamas.
He dashed out in pajamas and dressing gown, chased the villains over a high wall, hurried shivering back to bed.
But that would mean denying yourself the ultimate indulgence on a chilly autumn morning: pajamas at the breakfast table.
Some nightgowns are hand smocked and some pajamas are trimmed in piping or rickrack.
Language which requires that all prisoners must be issued pajamas is being removed.
The revision will permit prisoners to decline the pajamas.
Pajamas, nightgowns or other loose fitting clothing can easily ignite.
Members knitted for soldiers, and produced sewn bandages and pajamas.
She did this by going into the bathroom and changing into pajamas which she wore over a pair of panties.

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