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The research group is now crunching these data to understand which questions are good indicators for pairing students.
The pairing of wine with cheese has long been a given.
By pairing it with sweaters and base layers, you can replace a bulky winter coat and leave more room in your suitcase.
Look at each pairing and ask students to look at how each caterpillar changes.
It is seen as a mechanism for pairing people with jobs in which matching cannot take place instantaneously.
While this may seem an unorthodox pairing, it has allowed them to make some novel insights.
The school plans to host six such debates a year, each pairing a business leader with a respected philosopher.
It's a popular method for pairing up, but creates unrealistic expectations.
Chocolate desserts are some of the more challenging wine-pairing exercises if taken seriously.
Its sturdy texture and lightly sour flavor provide the perfect pairing for a thick schmear of cream cheese or sweet butter.
Each pairing set off a chain reaction, the strings of connection growing ever more tangled and frayed.
Light trapping can be enhanced by pairing the textured surface with a reflective layer at the back of the silicon layer.
Next, they taught the mice to fear a particular sound by pairing it with an electric shock.
And she soon understood that the pairing was symmetric: if shown the ant first, she matched it with the elephant.
The pairing of the planets is best seen through a telescope.
Her work includes a unique pairing of engineering and public policy in the field of energy systems research.
Many of the researchers in this area tend to believe a good gene theory to explain the pairing.
Given this pairing, the immune system could be charged up to resist the tumor.
Here's a new, as yet unexplored-but profoundly inevitable-crush pairing.
While they slept, volunteers reported pairing the virtual images with memories of similar emotional experiences.
Her work includes a unique pairing of engineering and public policy in the field of energy systems research.
Each booth at the festival offers a different recipe and wine pairing.
Pairing with a celebrity can have benefits for a company by helping it stand out in a cluttered marketplace.
Adventure rides center on a theme, often pairing other attractions with the horseback ride.
Popular culture couldn't stop thinking of the unlikely pairing.
The keys to wine pairing success here are two: sweet and heat.
Audiences have been clamoring for another pairing ever since.
The two actors are good so they make it work, but still, that pairing doesn't quite allow me to suspend my disbelief.

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