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Having put the pair under house arrest, the authorities were apparently caught out.
Now, a pair of biomechanics researchers has offered a scientific explanation of how this counterintuitive tactic worked.
He straps on a pair of steel spurs and hefts a coil of thick rope.
No other pair of countries invite such frequent comparison yet share so little in common.
Clean a pair of old tennis shoes or outgrown oxfords.
Elephants quickly learned to cooperate as a pair on a task that brought them a food reward.
We watch for the pair of bald eagles that have lately come to nest in a tall dead oak.
The inventor of the windup radio is field testing a pair of boots that charge a cellphone from the energy generated by walking.
It was used, in one example, to disparage a particularly squeaky pair of shoes that the main character had been wearing.
The pair hugged, snapped some evidentiary photographs and buried offerings in the snow.
Build a wood top and use a pair of ceramic pots for legs.
We did not find a pair of tenure-track jobs at adjoining universities.
With a pair of fine-tipped forceps, he grabbed one of the insects at the base of its thorax and lifted it off the block.
Label each pair so you'll be able to easily match them later.
The senator withholds criticism about the robot's ability to pair socks.
Their version started with a pair of trays far from the players' cages.
Each pair should offer geographically diverse looks at a similar theme.
The pair were plagued by radio-frequency problems, preventing communication with ships in the area.
Now a pair of psychologists has proved that there is indeed a link.
The pair are no newcomers to mixing and mashing video.
What an odd pair of things to require as part of an application.
And don't forget to pack your camera and lace up a sturdy pair of walking boots.
By adding a pair of peaked dormers, the couple gained room for a new master bath and a tall sitting area with lake views.
The second question in each pair is a different matter.
The latter pair say they are mystified by what has unfolded.
After a few short years of trying to make it as honest ranchers, the pair again turned to easier ways of getting money.
For a sophisticated look, pair one colorful object with neutral tones.
The best way to go abroad is to buy a good pair of shoes and go walking in your neighborhood.
For example, the pair found cells sensitive to slanted eyebrows, which could be relevant in recognising anger.
Print a pair of world maps-one blank, the other political.
The designs pair especially well with hens and chicks and a wide variety of other succulents.
Randomly pair up students, and have them interview each other.
One of these designs has a pair of jet engines mounted aft, but positioned over and above the wing.
Once they pair up and start a family, both males and females help incubate the eggs.
We're sure they sound great, but better, they're probably the best smelling pair of headphones ever.
Police say they caught the pair in a sting operation as they tried to sell equipment to a computer-store owner.
They take turns sitting on a pair of eggs to keep them warm and safe from predators.
Puree the meat with seeds and cashews, or pair it with cream cheese for something a little sweeter.
In the kitchen, the pair used plywood for their cabinets-another simple, cost-saving decision.
It's about as pedagogically challenging as buying a pair of socks.
These menus pair wonderfully with this wine and may surprise you.
Its shape and texture will enhance the flavors you pair it with.
Nothing is worse than having to pair up in a group that has cliques.
It contains a built-in bench seat that fits between a pair of floor-to-ceiling cabinets.
Tell me that pair isn't the series jumping the shark.
Anchor a crisp navy- and-white decorating scheme with a pair of streamlined armchairs.
Pair with some fresh bread or fruit and you've got lunch.
The shrew who publicly berates her husband is no worse than the engaged pair who snuggle in public.
Each divides into a pair of plantar digital arteries which supply the adjacent sides of the toes.
In roller-milling, wheat is subjected to action of a pair of steel or chilled-iron horizontal rollers, having toothed surfaces.
Among the tips were complaints about the pair's allegedly unruly behavior inside the stadium.
Before going out to dinner, change into something more formal, such as a pair of slacks and a knit top.
Don't expect to be waiting in line for hours to grab a pair, though.
Split a magnet in two, and the result is a pair of magnets, each with its own north and south.
UK astronomers have discovered a pair of stars twirling around each other at record-breaking speed.
By separating the entangled pair, the scientists successfully transported information about the state of one photon to the other.
The disk encircles a pair of twin suns that waltz around a more distant duo.
So they look a bunch of monkeys that had been pair bonded for four months with their chosen lady.
Apparently, that did the trick because the pair likely mated about two months ago.
She then donned a pair of green spectacles and a top hat.
But every ounce of breeding plumes represented six dead adults, and each slain pair left behind three to five starving nestlings.
At the open-air nursery, a pair of three-year-old males launched repeated attacks on me through the enclosure fence.
The pair also agreed to an effort to deepen mutual understanding of each other's language and culture.
The college commissioned a pair of statues bearing the likenesses of two prominent donors.
Or the pair could move over to a small table and spread out materials.
Each helix is composed of molecular units called bases, and these pair up in a deterministic fashion across the strands.
Beyond a certain point, you can't explain the value of a great pair of shoes in any rational fashion.
To make her wares she decapitates small green snakes with a pair of scissors and drains the blood into a plastic bottle.
It does, though, bring up a pair of somewhat gloomy insights.
But it has also condemned people to life for stealing a pair of socks.
No matter the scenario that puts a pair of gaming headphones on your dome, it's important to pick the right ones.
Hence a pair of no-nonsense sneakers that work as well with track pants as evening slacks.
And it found pair after pair of shoes, as well as single shoes scattered in the sediment.
Centipedes have long, segmented bodies, with each segment having a pair of legs.
By now, all that was left of the katydid was a pair of wings.
The system guarantees a new generation of fish by ensuring that each anemone harbors one productive pair.
The standard horsecar, which seated twenty, was drawn by a pair of roans and ran sixteen hours a day.
M, the guests went out to a pair of long tables on the terrace.
The pair made visits to famous sites accompanied by government minders.
So could two close college students, a pair of seminarians, or a couple of frat buddies.
The two might make a much better pair the second time around.
The pair vehemently disliked one another but had made overtures toward accommodation earlier in the summer.
When rubbing alcohol wouldn't ignite the pair, the youths went to a local service station for gasoline, which worked.
In each case, some of the tension between each pair dissipates by the end of the first episode.
Our particular chubby, oyster-eyed fellow dumps off a pair of menus and a large book without a word or the offer of a drink.
But they were as few and far between as a pair of honeydew-secreting aphid rectums hidden in the world's largest ant colony.
Instead, she went barefoot and held a pair of high heels in her hand.
After days of construction, they turned up resplendent and a little sweaty as a pair of tomatoes.
Neuroscientists have recently become fascinated with a particularly telling pair of rare brain disorders.
The bottom galaxy is a face-on spiral, while the upper one is seen more edge-on, giving the pair their typographical appearance.
Its body had nine segments, each bearing a pair of armour-plated legs, covered in thorns.
Pair production is the production of a particle of matter and its antiparticle.
The kits included a pair of abalone shells holding paint made from a red dirt known as ocher.
Radar peers beneath clothes to find weapons-and the perfect pair of jeans.
Now let's say that among the genes facing each other in the cell, there is a pair that runs a biotech company.
Another develops when a small number of criminals-say, a pair of burglars-go on a localized crime spree.
The stationary bike tests have produced a biological clue, but it still doesn't explain why only one twin in each pair got sick.
The pair have developed devices less than five centimeters long that transform slight vibrations into usable electricity.
The second pair of animals received milder immunotherapy and survived for a year.
The device itself contains a pair of microscopic channels--one for blood, the other for a saline-based solution.
But thermal energy converters don't pair well with conventional solar devices.
He realised that if one of the pair were to cross the event horizon, it could never return.
The process of teleportation involves making a measurement on each one an entangled pair of particles.
The company's earliest attempts at walkers were really nothing more than a pair of legs and feet with a big box on top of them.
The pair resists being deflected by random positive and negative charges in the materials.
Most artificial-pancreas systems under development pair a blood-sugar monitor with an insulin pump.
The mechanism could be more efficient because a single electron can be used to generate more than one electron-hole pair.
Atoms or defects in the crystal do not have the energy needed to break the pair and deflect the electrons.
Researchers stopped its growth by simply removing the sac from the vial with a pair of tweezers.
Four months later, a pair of the aircraft took off and flew together.
Above and below the membrane are a solution of salt and a pair of electrodes.
The coolest new accessories for the style savvy may be a pincushion and a pair of pinking shears.
The drum language is spoken by a pair of drums with the same two tones.
Only much later did it occur to me to wonder whether the pair were sleeping together.
As it happens, they make a nicely complementary pair.
The regulation was one of a pair governing the timing of reporting independent expenditures.

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