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Yet in the semi-abstract style he became famous for, the emotion and painterly knowledge are more veiled.
Wall's innovative use of the photographic medium is both painterly, and photo-journalistic, suggesting a snap of a moment.
But his subsequent monsters were strikingly original, combining menace with painterly beauty.
The whole work is a feat of resourceful painterly artifice.
But some of the pieces suffer from self-conscious sculptural or painterly flourishes.
Through all the stylistic variations in his work, what didn't change was his painterly touch.
Again and again, she arrives at old-fashioned painterly beauty, its ragged flag still flying.
In essence, it means that cinema has gone from being a photographic medium to a painterly one.
Bearden's monotypes demonstrate a loose, painterly style.
The richness of texture and color that pervade this collage surface suggests the painterly character of many late works.
They avoided painterly surfaces and atmospheric effects.
Frankenthaler went on to develop a highly personal painterly manner within the abstract expressionist movement.
His painterly skills are combined with thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of nature and the human countenance.
Gardeners experimented with exotic plants or unusual combinations to achieve painterly compositions.
She uses nature based images to explore the possibilities of painterly experiments.
Painterly effects are created without actually painting.
Her large painterly abstract prints have been widely exhibited here and abroad.

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