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Made entirely by hand, it is embellished with hand-knit scalloping at the cuffs and hem, and hand-painted ceramic buttons.
They painted on panels cut from the same oak tree, which suggests they made joint purchases of art supplies from the same vendor.
Simple to make and surprisingly durable, painted canvas used as a floor mat adds graphic punch to a room.
The reality, however, was a charmless room with a dated fireplace covered in brick and hand-painted drywall.
Here, the plywood is painted to match the color of the walls and then faced with pieces of bamboo.
The high ceiling, with its exposed beams and rafters, is painted a rustic white that brightens the entire space.
Inset stainless steel tiles on the fireplace echo and update the painted brick on the original fireplace.
The table legs are painted white to match the walls, ceiling, and cabinet trim.
For added drama, vertical indentations were painted hunter green and purple.
She's painted some of them tropical colors to add a little pop to her mostly green garden.
Cities rose from the forest floor, boasting stone temples with stuccoed and painted facades created at the behest of elite rulers.
To test their global warming hypothesis, the researchers created pseudo-lizards out of temperature gauges and painted pipe.
The interior is rich with painted walls and icons from different periods of the church's long history.
And then there's the strangest discovery of all: one figure whose face is painted green.
But the situation isn't as bad as it has been painted, insist education officials.
His point was that having written your book or article and said your piece, you've painted a bull's eye on your back.
The headline is misleading and that approach is a financial corner colleges and universities have painted themselves into.
The walls are painted playful colors of lime, tangerine, and blueberry.
He was afraid the things he felt were not getting expressed in the pictures he painted.
With the painted lips and wastrels on the edges of the night.
Nor, wild as were these painted barbarians, were they the wildest feature of the scene.
Shut not thy purse-strings always against painted distress.
It has never been painted and the boards are all warped out of shape.
Above each machinist's workstation there was a wooden cube with a different colour painted on each face.
If such things could be established, it might make the task of deciding who painted what a little easier.
The smart bit is that the tubes' conductivity is affected by cracks in, or corrosion of, the painted surface.
His chair is a simple rush-bottomed seat painted in sunny, yellow tones.
Its background is painted in olive tones, with angular lines cutting through it.
When he painted people, the sitters were almost always family.
It was painted a fashionable dark navy some years ago, and acquired hanging baskets of petunias.
Big firms, so often painted as the villains in debates about the environment, are much keener on the idea than smaller companies.
They typically work together, and sometimes forget later who painted what on the bigger works.
Under their direction nuns kept diaries of ecstasies and prayer, or sometimes painted their visions directly onto canvas.
They painted pictures, decorated their bodies and believed in spirits.
The painted surface is relatively dense, and the paint evenly worked.
The various organs and bones were constructed on wire armatures and then painted.
The stories painted a grim picture of life in the lab, noting disturbing psychological responses in the chimps.
One must wonder what traversed the minds of its destroyers as they painted over the top.
We've painted ourselves into a corner and the way out ain't easy.
Sure many legitimate scientists are being painted by the same brush as the purchased scientists but it should be expected.
The picture they painted was of a rapidly disappearing land her people have called home for a thousand years.
Unless you know that the painter accurately painted a real event.
From the time our ancestors first painted on cave walls, the beauty and speed of horses have captured our imagination.
As you struggle, you realize the old window is painted shut around all the edges.
They shall be anchored, in four directions, with buried mushroom anchors and heavy chains painted with rubberized epoxy paint.
Humankind's lengthy survival may have depended upon self-inflicted population control as painted subtly by our history.
Green and brown underbrush was painted on a series of horizontal wooden panels.
But he did have one peculiar appurtenance: around his neck hung high-powered binoculars, painted shiny gold.
Painted on the box were pictures of people dancing, holding hands and singing.
The sculptures will be painted by selected local artists and sponsored by local businesses.
The clay is dried and strengthened by adding finely pulverized pottery shards before pots are shaped, painted and fired.
Painted onto a ceramic surface, electrons move through such composites at a predictable rate.
He ought to have written the collector down for an oaf and a bully-he had painted enough in his years-and forgotten the matter.
Eventually, every piece of the body except the cab had been removed or sandblasted or galvanized or painted.
She was a natural-witness the chromatic inventiveness of several landscape gouaches that she painted in art school.
When he painted, it was descent and descent and descent from the cross, and when he died the sepulchre was simple.
We stayed in a wooden cabin that stood alone by the shore and was painted the brown of withered leaves.
The place hadn't been painted in many decades, though the last occupants had left it relatively clean.
There was and there was not a great nature painter who painted a landscape so perfect it destroyed him.
The exquisite painted manuscripts in the collection can be trusted to tell their own tale.
He could have painted them the same summer, the same day.
She had polished the floors and painted the walls until they gleamed.
On the side of the road there were souvenir vendors with brightly painted metal lizards and other handicrafts.
And everything is bright, for houses on each street are painted in yellows and reds to help folks through the gray months of rain.
Two wooden poles, painted on the canvas, met a third leaned against it to form a tripod.
But not all forms of animal farming should be painted with the same brush.
At the north end of town stands a cluster of neat concrete villas, painted ocher or white.
Five trailers painted pink, linked by a corrugated metal roof, are surrounded by a six-foot fence topped with barbed wire.
The bike racks and benches were freshly painted navy.
On the shore, towering silos have been painted red and reclaimed as industrial sculpture.
Every one of them has the number of its grading painted on it in red.
It's painted white for tournaments, but on television, it's almost invisible.
Tall, with blue eyes, she had her hair fashionably bobbed and her lips painted red.
Not only is a living fence less expensive than a traditional fence, it also never needs to be painted.
News accounts have at times painted a different picture.
Painting appeared to have painted itself into a dead end.
Everywhere he painted birds magnificently, sometimes painted animals almost as well.
Other anecdotes have also painted an unflattering picture of abstract art.
The images in the cave are mainly cows painted with big udders, apparently to symbolize fertility.
Aphids did not alter their attacks on trees after they were painted.
He also painted zigzag patterns on half of them, to imitate the markings commonly found on vipers.
Pottery vessels were painted with images of famous bouts.
These partnerships have painted the world in a resplendent palette of flowery hues.
These species are painted as either relics desperately clinging onto existence, or great survivors triumphing against the odds.
Reminds me of a colleague who painted colours on the rattle of rattlesnakes.
While some of the mummies were wrapped only in plain linen, others were elaborately painted and gilded.
Newer brain imaging efforts have painted a more complex picture.
They've painted themselves into a corner from which there is no return.
The site gets its name from pictographs of hands painted on a boulder.
Painted wood and treated wood cannot be composted or recycled.
One end of the instrument is painted red and the other end is painted blue.
Hand-painted song lyrics encircle the top of each hotel room.

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