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Tub refinishing in situ is probably best done by a professional who has all the right equipment to ventilate and apply the paint.
Then, have them form river channels and coat with blue enamel paint and color the land with tempera paint.
From conception to buzz, from three-way spring to soft-touch paint: inside the design of a multimedia communications gadget.
Popular accounts of the turn of the last millennium paint a world gone mad.
The painting was done with a palette knife-its thick, crude slabs of paint suggesting the handiwork of a mason or plasterer.
When the machinery keeping it cool malfunctions, however, the angry green giant thaws and decides to paint the town red.
He considered, discarded and pared down ideas for months before he squeezed even a drop of paint onto his palette.
In the old days, an artist would paint a picture, get it framed and send it out into the world.
In this room, peeling beige paint exposed dingy walls.
Families of means commissioned artists to paint portraits of loved ones for the eventual adornment of their mummies.
If you have ever tried to paint with oil paints, it takes an amazing time to dry.
He that seeks popularity in art closes the door on his own genius: as he must needs paint for other minds, and not for his own.
To paint the looks or thoughts of either of these lovers, is beyond my power.
He intended to paint his house in the spring and sat by the stove calculating the cost of paint and labor.
The grease paint withstands hot sun and water, but it is messy.
He had bought the benches and the luminous purple paint that glowed on the walls, and after the show he would guard the equipment.
Although they are less precise than statistics on bad debts and falling production, such stories paint a grim picture.
The rest is debris-everything from fragments of paint to entire dead satellites and bits of old rockets.
But her officials' efforts to paint the protesters as a rural oligarchy bent on toppling the government have done her little good.
Take the marker from your cubicles pencil jar, mark it on your face as war paint.
Some still have the spirit to don the war paint in the hopes of luring customers.
Studies paint a grim picture of what swine flu could mean for the world economy.
But a gene is worth thousands of proteins that paint a rich picture of human biology.
So the prospect of being able to use sheets of polymer film instead of paint is tempting indeed.
They are painting the crumbling kerbs with silver paint.
Cellulose was used to make everything from paint brushes to the film on which motion pictures were captured.
The space is paint-smeared because he cleans his palette knife on the walls.
Refresh old kitchen cabinets with a new coat of paint.
Use three easy paint techniques to transform a room.
High-gloss white marine paint covers the wainscoting, ceiling, and chairs.
Before the home's stone wainscotting looked sort of tacked on against that stark white paint.
There are still cans of lavender, pink, and powder blue paint sitting in their garage.
Mechanically its in good condition but it needs new interior paint.
They have a bigger picture both to paint and to interpret.
These stats paint a surreal picture of middle management and senior-level administrators.
The painting's steel frame was severely bent, and part of the wood beneath the paint had cracked.
Again, many of the recruiters refused to paint today's college student with the broad brush of laziness.
Be brutally honest about the challenges, but don't paint a situation as hopeless-and never overpromise.
Egg tempera paint has been used by artists since ancient times.
Allow the paint to dry, then fill the circles with brown paint.
On the middle of the sweatshirt, paint a white stomach.
Oil is used in paint to help fix the dye and help it adhere to a surface.
Oil also changes a paint's drying time and viscosity.
Paint the mixture over the decoupaged surface using a sponge brush.
Now engineers are studying the natural world to make painless needles, more fuel-efficient cars and self-cleaning paint.
The binder was used to dry paint and help it adhere to rocky surfaces.
Try milk paint for an alternative to oil and acrylic paints.
Spray paint over the primer in a color of your choice.
They act as guardians of sorts, dressed in elaborate costumes with intricate face paint and complex dances.
These include everything from pieces of plastic to flecks of paint.
Write holiday messages on the ribbon with puffy paint.
He tells him, that he has bought the cheapest paint, which he enjoys.
The early results of those studies have yet to paint a clear picture.
Paint your fantasy in too rosy a hue, and you may be hurting your chances of success.
Mixing that powder with sap or another binder yields a reddish or pinkish paint, possibly to adorn the body or the face.
Because the paint on the walls was probably still wet.
The cracked plaster and faded paint on its high walls are covered with modern art of dubious quality.
From milk-based paint to solar-powered backpacks, here is the latest roundup of green products that you will feel good giving.
But the picture the authors paint of a bigger-brained hominid is fascinating nonetheless.
The paint was covered by salt crystals and gelatin glue.
At first he speculated that the composition of new weather shelter paint had interfered with the measuring system.
It consisted of a plastic grocery bag stretched over the top of a five-gallon paint bucket.
All you need to cut off cellular traffic in your building is a good coat of paint.
Paint takes a beating under all those tires, though.
Any cash he earns recycling all this stuff buys more paint.
The details and paint jobs may differ, but the general aesthetic rarely does.
The living room needs a new coat of paint, perhaps a fresh start for both of you.
But it is useless to attempt to paint word pictures of these splendors.
So it has all these layers of paint on it: blue, white, and an undercoat.
He had big dark eyes and a habit of wiping his paint-soiled hands on his shirts.
And there was brilliance in putting single serving sauces into mini paint-size tubes.
The walls sport a fresh coat of white paint, and the bench tops are shiny and bare.
But there have always been ways to draw and paint that do not imitate cameras.
Move a hand one way, and you paint raindrops on-screen.
Hey solar, you paint a real pretty picture at the end of your last comment.
Students' sketches envisioned chalkboards in the hallways and paint for the mono-color walls.
It is scientifically unwise to paint with a broad brush unless clear experimental evidence supports such a generalization.
Using excess paint, she chose the brightest colors available and began to pour.
Gesturing at the cans of paint he is to use, he asks you where the instructions are for the paint.
Facing larger demand for original pieces, artists don't always paint the work they sign.
It was a long-necked banjo and its white paint was chipping with age.
There's been an effort to paint me as this negative figure on the reservation, but not because of my writing.
Knots of ordinary people sit fanning themselves in lawn chairs, the paint still sticky on their handmade signs.
There certainly are places you probably should avoid, but that doesn't mean you should paint the whole country with a broad brush.
If a reader reads by translating a block of print into a poem, a viewer sees by translating blotches of paint into a painting.
Anna lives in a large empty house, venturing out in the spring to paint exquisitely detailed forest scenes.
Even now the exterior paint on that house blisters in cobweb patterns.
Those vast expanses of land are what inspired him to paint.
The walls are painted with a special polyurethane paint that is graffiti-proof.
After being unable to paint for six months, he vowed to commit suicide.
Failing eyesight slowly took away his ability to paint or draw.
If paint comes off on the tape, the paint is no longer good.
Paint may be found at a crime scene or may be transferred to an object from a crime scene.
After she'd finished the lampposts, she walked over to a graffiti-covered concrete pylon with her box of paint supplies.
The manual is intended to bring scientific precision to paint mixing.
Details her attempts to paint a still-life of a fish.
Fortunately, for those of us without wings, he has said his say with paint on canvas.
Huge floor lamps in rebar supporting paint-spattered fluorescent tubes within scratched plastic cylinders are gemütlich and grand.
The ochre paint found in the abalone shells seems to have been made from a specific recipe.
Her blue denim shirt and khaki pants were stained with red and yellow blotches, and her long hair was also speckled with paint.
Ground-based telescopes paint a relatively tame picture of the cosmos.
She insists that the expression really does change, but the switch occurs in your eye, not in the paint.
The kits included a pair of abalone shells holding paint made from a red dirt known as ocher.
Biologists these days can paint many different portraits of the same organism.
And, of course, you can't paint a house adjacent to one that is still wet.
But the eye alone is not enough to detect cracks or corrosion hidden under several layers of paint.
If you tell him there's wet paint on the park bench, he'll want to touch it to make sure.
After a brain injury, doctors may paint a dim picture of the future, and families may withdraw care.
None of this matters if you live under the synthetic pastels that paint today's urban ceilings.
Within two hours the rodents' peripheral nerves stood out as if traced with luminescent paint and stayed that way for six hours.
Then the chimp was anesthetized and its forehead marked with paint.
They didn't have bone needles or shell beads, they didn't paint or play music, and their burials were no-nonsense affairs.
And the expense of trucking all that paint into space would not be inconsiderable.
Patients with damage in this area can't name what they're looking at, but they can often paint it beautifully.
When money is tight and a room needs a facelift, there's no easier, cheaper or faster fix-up than a coat of paint.
The paint on one side of the house is badly weathered and flaking.
The problem is that paint seems to peel from the drywall.
And paint only tends to highlight the seam locations.

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