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Then the figures-each made of linen bundles wrapped in wire armatures-were painstakingly cleaned and repaired.
They painstakingly portrayed fair damsels and brave knights.
To play even a simple piece would require many different instruments, each painstakingly tuned.
The film is painstakingly researched, personally focused yet global in political and social reach.
Since then, researchers have painstakingly freed the fossils.
Joining the stabilized bones with clay, the scientists painstakingly rebuilt pieces of the skull.
Rather than a rushed job, it was a long and painstakingly careful process.
They were threatening to dismember an empire that he had painstakingly built up over five decades.
To make a transducer by painstakingly micro-machining a brittle block of ceramic material can take many hours of work, though.
Another, identifying who was using water and putting in meters to measure their consumption, was painstakingly time-consuming.
Each note had to be created painstakingly from scratch, using its fundamental waveform and harmonics.
Thus, painstakingly, a map of which parts of the brain do what can be built up.
They also seem to be taking a painstakingly long time to fix the situation.
Menus can be painstakingly crafted with an eye to a harmonious balance of textures, colours and flavour progressions.
The trouble is that each gag is painstakingly repeated, flattening the pace and squelching the sparkle.
The packing is taking months, as special computers and jittery engineers painstakingly monitor the process.
The war maneuvers are depicted painstakingly and slowly, with much attention to the heavy casualties on both sides.
Its data, painstakingly gathered from surveys, are among the best available.
On a lark, he took razor to tape to edit out the barks and then painstakingly spliced them together.
Business works because businesspeople painstakingly build trusting relationships.
Your only option is to painstakingly scroll through your favorites and extract any relevant information from them manually.
Yes, you painstakingly put together a comprehensive overview for your committee, but now is the time to find your own voice.
She painstakingly works apart the frames, sticky with honey and resin, and lifts one up.
These are painstakingly researched subjects using thoroughly scientific methods.
He could easily buy the electrical switches he has used, but instead, he painstakingly builds them himself.
He was so happy that he had it painstakingly restored to original condition.
Innovation must be painstakingly nurtured and generously funded.
Derek has unfolded the directions and is painstakingly reading them aloud.
Most researchers painstakingly reconstruct the evolutionary history of one gene at a time, he says.
There, he wrote rhapsodically and painstakingly about gorillas in the wild, changing public perception of the animal forever.
Workers dig painstakingly with paintbrushes and trowels.
Their process is painstakingly thorough and transparent.
So they got to work, painstakingly restoring a digital copy of the portrait by removing the text, a process that took months.
Next they painstakingly deconstructed the data so that they had a specific activation pattern for each second of footage.
For three years, artists have been painstakingly restoring the world's longest mural located ina county flood control channel.
Either way, village artisans earn only small amounts for their painstakingly elaborate creations.
The tapestries were removed and cleaned, and many worn or frayed threads were painstakingly replaced.
It is painstakingly constructed with sweat equity, vision, investment and long-term commitment.
Archeologists painstakingly search for clues about their lives and communities.
After softening the adhesive layers, the murals could be painstakingly separated from the wall.
Details of armor fittings, even the soles of shoes, were painstakingly recreated in ceramic form.
Over the past decade, researchers painstakingly identified a handful of genes that appear to contribute to this influence.
Logical suspects were identified and painstakingly eliminated.
The study is much improved thanks to their painstakingly thorough contributions.
Embroidery often merged with the art of painting, and famous masterworks were painstakingly copied in colors of thread.
Work visas and resident alien cards are painstakingly slow to acquire.
Despite this early effort, maps were painstakingly difficult to produce.
Preparation of panoramic maps involved a vast amount of painstakingly detailed labor.
Researchers at this location painstakingly sift through their data to weed out any possible influence from local volcano sources.
Those works, often painstakingly prepared over extended periods of time, can be a boon to historians.
Painstakingly extracted in minute amounts from living cells, the substance showed great promise in laboratory tests.
Doblin has painstakingly worked with intensely skeptical federal authorities to win necessary permissions.

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