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We debate and negotiate the final language with painstaking care, especially the list of desired qualities and experience.
These things take years of painstaking work for dialectologists.
After two decades of painstaking effort, now he'd be scooped.
Painstaking research-especially of plant remains found with the body-contradicts many of the initial speculations.
Some photographs are happy accidents, others the painstaking result of careful planning and even years of practice.
The antibiotics had already killed the bacteria, and several painstaking tests were needed to prove it had ever been there.
Keeping a scale in balance can be a painstaking and never-ending task.
Global trade negotiations have always been long, painstaking affairs.
But even after years of practice and experimentation, her workflow remains breathtakingly painstaking.
Charting the world's superlatives is painstaking work.
After all the sniffing and painstaking measurement, the study seems to state the obvious: keep your coffee cool and dry.
Emphasizing writing as a painstaking process that involves revision and re-evaluation in conversation with other people.
These painstaking efforts have helped the re-examination of some long-standing controversies.
The researchers' painstaking work has helped alert the world to the species's dramatic decline.
It is amazing to learn the painstaking techniques of the archeologist while at a dig.
My bullet points don't come close to conveying the painstaking reasoning he lays out to back each of his conclusions.
It is an unusually painstaking effort to uncover apparent scholarly wrongdoing.
The past decade of painstaking negotiation had supposedly borne fruit in some degree of mutual trust between the two sides.
Artistic cartography and painstaking detail make this a map for any collector.
Once the painstaking circuitry was done, the whole thing went in for a re-spray.
What they were able to determine, after several years of painstaking research, was a unique genetic fingerprint for each shark.
When they finished the painstaking artistic process, they destroyed it.
The process of linguistic fieldwork is a painstaking one, fraught with pitfalls.
The painstaking movements that unfold so slowly in the weightlessness of space sap the tension from these events.
He's always had a thing for exhibiting velocity and action by jumping between painstaking slow-motion and abrupt fast-forward.
On the other hand, the painstaking reporting came at a price.
Making a film no longer required film or the painstaking process of editing reel or tape together.
Producing these combinations is a painstaking process.
It is simple, incremental and requires painstaking attention to what the customers want.
The results of this painstaking process are working drawings that spec out every last fixture.
Designing and putting that jigsaw puzzle together has been painstaking.
In much of this, of course, the film has some painstaking investigations and two jury verdicts on its side.
But a painstaking check of the people who obtained permits determined that all had been accounted for.
Such biography might be with or without style, with or without painstaking: it was commonly without critical method.
To be sure the result was gained after painstaking labor.
In this painstaking way, he would build a three-dimensional data set of a rock or other object of interest to scientists.
It takes years of intense, dedicated and painstaking research, and constant verification and validation by other researchers.
They go through the same painstaking process, but probably go about it differently, with different tools.
The entire painstaking process takes her three days to complete.
Digital scanning is a painstaking and expensive process, but the results are remarkable.
Yet it would take years of painstaking work to turn the jet plane into reliable transportation.
Years of painstaking work by paleontologists, however, have filled in many of the important gaps.
Watching a five-year-old do anything is painstaking.
He essentially mechanized the craft of woodblock printing, a painstaking, time-consuming process.
It can be painstaking to watch him navigate a test chamber.
It demands extreme precision, and can be painstaking.
They may control the selection, but keeping the beat smooth during segues demands painstaking precision.
Progress on finding new delivery agents has been a slow and painstaking process.
For instance, her team adopted painstaking tactics to avoid contamination.
Gone are the days of photographic plates that recorded the sky snapshot by painstaking snapshot.
Genome sequencing and painstaking field observations shed light on the intricacies of how evolution works.
Her movements were painstaking and deliberate, as if powered by a mechanical crank rather than a finely tuned power source.
As the lecture emerges with painstaking slowness but utter clarity, time glimmers into being without a beginning.
Hours of painstaking work, with a detailed explanation that would make a math fan jump for joy.
Engraving and woodcutting were slower, more painstaking techniques and further removed from the immediate act of drawing.
It's a painstaking process to paint a cop into a scene.
After painstaking remediation efforts, the building was recast as thirty-one senior apartments.
So innovation can be the result of years of painstaking research or a single moment of brilliance.
After painstaking remediation efforts the building was recast as thirty-one senior apartments.

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