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For amputees suffering from phantom pain, a computer-generated cure might soon be at hand.
In some religions, devotion is measured by physical suffering and self-inflicted pain.
Dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures that experience pain and suffering, she emphasizes.
We must remember that injured feelings can be much more lastingly hurtful than physical pain.
Problem is, typing without a physical or a sophisticated-enough virtual keyboard remains a pain.
He referred me to a physical therapist because he suspected that my back pain was caused by a knee problem.
Laughing is not an instinctive physical response to humor, the way a flinch is a response to pain or a shiver to cold.
Laughing is not an instinctive physical response to humor, the way a flinch responds to pain or a shiver to cold.
The evil she represents is absolute because she knowingly increased suffering and pain.
Scientists find a strange connection between physical pain and positive emotions.
The pain radiates from the sting site and starts to itch, burn and throb as it blisters.
Migraine pain is thought to come from irritation of the meninges, membranes around the brain and central nervous system.
In laboratory experiments, humans actually fear uncertainty more than physical pain.
Elsie, there's another possibility for pain across the top of the foot.
Within 25 minutes his face flushed tomato-red as severe pain gripped his stomach, chest and back muscles.
Because new research finds that just looking at a part of your body in acute pain can lessen it.
Everything rests upon pleasure and pain.
They are massively powerful and almost impervious to pain.
His pain was too great.
Their journals are filled with anger and pain.
He spent 26 days in the hospital, battling pain, infection and inflammation.
She's confined to a wheelchair and is in pain from degenerative arthritis.
People in pain sometimes want to assign blame.
Their quality of life becomes nonexistent, they are in pain from some fatal disease, and they decide to cut their losses.
It was a pain, and was considered a formality not only for grants, but for a research visa.
Visiting my family even though they live far away and traveling is a big pain.
Unfortunately, this is the sort of pain that students pay a bunch of money to endure.
Yes, they can do some wonderful things, but they are a royal pain in many ways.
So they take it upon themselves to inflict disproportionate pain.
Yet her work as a nurse's aide was not her first encounter with pain and sickness.
Plagued by gout, rheumatism and vascular problems, he was often in pain and unable to walk.
Arthritis and damaged nerves in her spine weakened her hind legs and brought her pain.
They developed pain medicines, birth-control drugs, and treatment for scurvy.
The sensitive cornea reacts with severe stinging pain.
Perceptions of pressure, temperature, and pain manifest themselves in many different ways.
She coughs, her body convulses, and she cries out in pain.
Through pantomime she explains that she has pain behind her eyes and asks us for medicine.
It folly were a pain, there would be groaning in every house.
If the pain persists, doctors may opt to inject the thumb area with a cortisone shot.
We put two new models into the ring, each promising a prescription for data storage, but only one truly dulled the pain.
Early cyclists used alcohol and other substances to dull the pain.
Then, the therapist will teach you ways to prevent getting back pain again.
Swelling, damage, or bone changes around the rotator cuff can cause shoulder pain.
Pain that is localized is found in only one area of your belly.
Forefoot pain refers to pain and discomfort felt toward the top of the foot.
The rate of forefoot pain and deformity increases with age.
Heel pain is often the result of overuse of the foot.
For foot pain caused by a stress fracture, an extended rest period is often necessary.
The pain is usually persistent, but it does not get worse with activity.
Results are mixed on whether ergonomic measures prevent musculoskeletal pain.
For severe pain that does not improve, see a pain specialist so that you can explore all treatment options.
It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue.
Balled up in pain and without a flashlight in the dark: eighty-three, sooner or later.
Freedman presents some compelling anecdotes about patients whose pain was relieved by alternative medicine.
The puritan in me says that there has to be some pain.
That's not to say that there hasn't been plenty of economic pain.
But that pain has come from the recession itself, not the cure.
Credit encourages people to spend more by separating the pain of payment from the pleasure of consumption.
If that weren't enough, his house was filled with an abundance of prescription pain medications.
The happy ending in this particular case, written before the rest of the book, is the absence of pain.
Following the bubble, the housing market's pain has been deep and persistent.
The solution is all pain: small tax increases and major spending cuts.
Integration has less appeal when pain rather than prosperity is ricocheting across borders.
My diagnosis is that your chronic back pain was caused by a sustained period of back pain in previous years.
But commuters and other travellers already suffer great financial pain in some cities.
The pain might be eased if countries with trade surpluses spent more on imports, but they were not obliged to do so.
Economic recovery, in turn, has helped ease financial pain.
The latest sanctions will cause it more pain, but in the short run are unlikely to weaken its resolve.
In none of these countries, however, has the pain of recession bitten so deep.
Despite exporters' complaints, the devaluations elsewhere are not putting them under intolerable pain.
What inveterate wearers sometimes gripe about is the niggling pain felt when forced to walk with their feet flat.
But paying off debts will be an enormous and painful task, which could also prolong the pain inflicted by the economic slump.
To offset that pain, he would push energy companies to offer their cheapest fuel tariffs to the elderly.
Even their pain was indifferently dealt with, in case they were turned into opiate addicts in their final days.
Where they are unavoidable, the approach will be to take tiny steps and put off any pain as far as possible into the future.
But the suggestion that the economic pain is not yet definitively over struck a discordant note amid cheerier headlines.
Another study showed that natural disasters usually produced short-term economic pain but no sign of increased political violence.
Pretending it was part of the act, he got thunderous applause but had to perform a whole comedy routine in pain.
Yet it may suffer, as only an awards-season movie can, from the illusion that pain and art are the same thing.
So tanned that her eyelids are pale if-pain-she closes her eyes.
Confused, perhaps, that he was not more in pain than he was.
Pit bulls seem to have a high tolerance for pain, making it possible for them to fight to the point of exhaustion.
Pain in the back or the neck has nothing to do with sitting at your desk for fourteen hours a day.
Every single character fails-falls, in great pain, each one.
If she jumps, she would be in great pain before she died.
They had left a sour dairy taste on his tongue and a pain in his temples.
Sophisticated brain-imaging studies suggest new ways to treat chronic pain.
Back pain is the leading reason for disability and missed work.
For example, the military tested stiff-soled piezoelectric shoes as a power source, but soldiers complained of foot pain.
In sum, the computer industry must abandon threads altogether or resign itself to endure a lot of pain in the years ahead.
The poor guy didn't even have the camaraderie of a backing band that night to ease the pain.
Woe to the trainee who let the pain show in his face.
He himself did not seem well, and he moved with difficulty, as if he were in pain.
By the end of his service, the pain was manageable, but not completely dealt with.
Scientists have traced chronic pain to a defect in one enzyme in a single region of the brain.
Linking stomach pain, diabetes, and weight loss saves a life.
Eventually the nerves of the ovary die, the inflammation subsides, and the pain wanes.
It's a bit of a pain and won't really affect people much, but if it weren't done things would get messy eventually.
Some claimed that it started out as cries of pain, which gradually crystallized into distinct words.
Comfort care involves primarily pain management, hydration, and little else.
While it's beautiful to our eyes, twinkling is a major pain to astronomers.
And he could, additionally, be a real pain in the you-know-where about it.
Agonising pain in the back, go to hospital, get told it's almost certainly a kidney stone.
By the age of two months, the mice's nerves had lost their protective coating and the mice had become more sensitive to pain.
Such sores tend to be quite painful, enough that she probably stopped moving to minimize the pain.
Practical advice to help you prevent or manage pain during chemotherapy treatment.
Medical tests may not show the cause of your back pain.
Provides easy-to-understand explanations of pain and how your body responds to it.
Researchers are unraveling why some people are more sensitive to pain than others.
Spicy compound clears the way for an anesthetic to silence pain sensation.
Many a seafood fan has parroted the popular idea that fish and crustaceans do not feel pain.
In some cases, the researchers told participants that a pain-relieving cream had been applied to their skin.
How meditation relieves the subjective experience of pain.
Biologists finally are unraveling the medical mysteries of migraine, from aura to pain.
Perceiving pain in others typically involves two steps.
Here are the symptoms: pain or numbness in the hand-especially the pinky and ring fingers.
The current debate over medical marijuana hinges on its use as pain medication.
Most people encounter sleep difficulties from time to time, often related to stress or pain.
Immediately treating this burn, pain is alleviated and abolished within five minutes and there will be little or no skin damage.
One of the only ways to relieve this pain is by dipping the infected area in the local water source.
Actually, the science that links red hair to pain susceptibility has been around for several years.
Other common reasons for hysterectomy include endometriosis, or growth of tissue outside the uterus, and pelvic pain.

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