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Their story takes in nuclear winter, missile defence, acid rain and the ozone layer.
He supported research into saving the ozone layer and was interested in communication with other possible worlds.
For one thing, the crucial evidence about the thinning of the ozone layer actually came from a satellite.
Cows alone contribute more damage to the ozone layer than automobiles.
Such depletion is undesirable because the ozone layer blocks ultraviolet radiation.
The crystal ball's as cracked and clouded as the ozone layer.
Without the ozone layer people are vulnerable to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which damage the skin.
The stratosphere's ozone layer is uneven, and thinner near the poles.
It seems there's finally some good news for the ozone layer.
High-energy radiation from deep space may be burning a hole in our ozone layer.
Nitrous oxide is damaging the ozone layer and the climate.
The researchers also suggest that the hole in the ozone layer could be partially to blame for the stronger gales.
However, that might be offset by increased radiation levels due to a thinned ozone layer.
There is concern about what particles might do to the ozone layer.
We do have a problem with skin cancers, its more to do with a thin ozone layer and fair skinned population seeking to get brown.
Picture the world's oceans, glimmering sapphire under the heat of the sun and the protection of the ozone layer.
The gas also causes acid rain and wears away the ozone layer, a key barrier to the sun's rays.
Also, the hole in the ozone layer is larger than it is really supposed to be.
The potent radiation would cook the atmosphere, creating nitrogen oxides that would destroy the ozone layer.
No problem, since the upper layers of atmosphere will block the radiation, the ozone layer will be a bit thicker then.
But there is also a weirder possibility: human beings may be slowing the growth of methane by destroying the ozone layer.
Past that, and they can't even bruise our fragile ozone layer.
Not only has the stratosphere in the ozone layer cooled, but so has the mesosphere above the ozone layer.
It's not going to fix the hole in the ozone layer, refreeze melted glaciers, or replenish our fresh water supply.
There was publicity everywhere about the damage to the ozone layer.
Some have charged it with contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer.
Test your knowledge of ozone layer science and ozone depletion in this crossword puzzle.
Yes, there certainly is a real concern over the ozone layer disappearing.
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