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Their story takes in nuclear winter, missile defence, acid rain and the ozone layer.
You, using less gas and buying less stuff will rebuild the ozone.
Ozone is always being created and destroyed by many reactions.
The ozone decision was jarring because it was wholly unexpected.
Good roads encourage driving, which exacerbates global warming and accelerates the destruction of the ozone layer.
The radiators feature a catalyst that reduces ground-level ozone by converting ozone molecules to oxygen.
In the stratosphere it has a profound effect on ozone and chlorine chemistry and water vapor.
Ozone enters plants through pores in the undersides of leaves.
It seems there's finally some good news for the ozone layer.
Stratospheric aerosols could deplete the ozone layer.
But when the radicals are recycled by nitric oxide, ozone is created.
Sulfur in the ash reacted with atmospheric ozone to scatter sunlight, causing vivid red sunsets around the world.
The explanation, it turns out, has to do with ozone.
Nitrous oxide is damaging the ozone layer and the climate.
Your task is to create an advertising campaign suggesting things that you and your friends can do to prevent ozone depletion.
Ozone isn't the only gas that's a greenhouse gas and a type of smog.
Even natural fragrances can react with ozone in the air to make toxins.
The stratosphere is warmer than the troposphere because of the energy from the ultraviolet light absorbed by the ozone.
Both claim that free-falling through the ozone layer will push back the boundaries of science.
Also ozone can be formed and the gas density will increase.
Nitrous oxide emissions are going up as farmers grow more food, possibly thwarting the recovery of the fragile ozone layer.
The air is filled with brief blasts of whirring power tools and the smell of ozone and rubber.
Ozone has similar effects and is tricky to predict because its formation depends on sunlight and heat.
Luckily the chemicals that damaged the ozone layer are no longer made.
Because fine particulate and ozone levels are already measured, they should be reported to the public.
And while ozone may be going down, it doesn't mean there still isn't a large amount of it in our cities.
The standards on ozone are ones that the agency will revisit in the future in accordance with the law.
Ozone can be used to destroy a number of known contaminants and pathogens.
Also much ozone to continually block out ultra-violet rays.
That's likely the estimate based solely on solar intensity and it's direct effect also on ozone.
With less ozone in the stratosphere, more ultraviolet radiation has penetrated into the lower atmosphere.
The potent radiation would cook the atmosphere, creating nitrogen oxides that would destroy the ozone layer.
Appel is confident that new ozone scrubbers and other equipment will abate the odors.
Isoprene is the big one from plants which interacts to generate ozone along with the nitrogen oxides from tailpipes.
Past that, and they can't even bruise our fragile ozone layer.
In the years since the ban of refrigerants containing chlorine, the ozone hole has receded.
Ozone is more prevalent in places distant from highways.
They tore apart my ozone, carbonized my oxygen, acidified my refreshing rain.
Regulations are outlawing certain refrigerants, such as chlorofluorocarbons, which contain ozone-depleting chemicals.
Ozone generators that are sold as air cleaners intentionally produce the gas ozone.
Ozone can be good or bad, depending on where it is found.
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