oxymoron in a sentence

Example sentences for oxymoron

The truth is that "low-key wedding" is an oxymoron.
This proves to me that the buzz term of "a jobless recovery" is an oxymoron.
Today we are after that rarer oxymoron: the wisest fool.
Most days, the phrase "courtroom humor" is an oxymoron.
But that was a fallacy, an oxymoron, that everybody knew.
Boy, is that an oxymoron — the college trying to preserve the river shoreline after it built almost on the river's edge.
To environmentalists, clean coal is an insulting oxymoron.
Since an objective perspective is an oxymoron, any inquiry is inherently subjective to begin with.
Makes the term health insurers an oxymoron, sickness securities might be more accurate.
There the confounding oxymoron of being both rather primitive yet extremely complicated.
Thanks for agreeing with my oxymoron, must have heard or read it somewhere.
The notion of patient autonomy is a contradiction and an oxymoron.
More universal is an oxymoron, either it is universal or not.
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