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Example sentences for oxidizer

All pyrotechnic mixtures are made up of a fuel and an oxidizer.
It is interesting to see turmeric being specifically put into oil as it is heating since it is a great anti-oxidizer.
AE: the only large scale use of perchlorate is as an oxidizer for solid propellants.
When rockets blast off, they need to carry not only fuel, but an oxidizer to ignite the fuel.
It also happens to be what bomb specialists call an oxidizer.
As they drift in space, solar radiation brings the oxidizer in their fuel tanks to a boil.
Most spacecraft ever launched carried some flavor of hydrazine, either by itself or with nitrogen tetroxide as an oxidizer.
On top of that peroxide is a powerful oxidizer capable of decomposing almost any organic compound.
Rockets need to mix into the fuel, a second kind of fuel called an oxidizer, which takes the place of the oxygen in air.
The thermal oxidizer operating temperature shall be continuously monitored and recorded.
The thermal oxidizer shall be operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
The booths, tunnel and oven are all permanent total enclosures and are vented to a regenerative thermal oxidizer.
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