oxidize in a sentence

Example sentences for oxidize

Solid-oxide fuel cells generate an electrical current by pulling oxygen from the air and using it to oxidize fuel.
They oxidize graphite to make graphite oxide and dissolve it in water.
As a wine ages in the bottle, its various components will change, and it will oxidize.
For example, bacteria living in active volcanoes oxidize sulfur to produce their own food.
Without regular attention, and occasionally even with it, paint will oxidize and fade under the sun's ultraviolet rays.
Silver does not oxidize, or rust, on exposure to air.
During the summer months, the sun's intense heat dries out the asphalt surface and causes it to oxidize.
Since groundwater has less oxygen, its metals seldom oxidize and don't efficiently bind to trace elements.
In microbial fuel cells, naturally occurring microorganisms oxidize wastewater.
At this point a laser can be used to de-oxidize the magnesium.
The hydrogen comes from two sources: the starch and the water used to oxidize the starch.
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