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Some wires, made of cobalt oxide and gold, become the negative poles of the battery.
He welded them together and applied a patina of iron oxide.
More than three-quarters of agriculture's nitrous oxide emissions result from manmade fertilizers.
Thick- ness of backing and oxide coating must be constant.
Among the gases available for inhaling was nitrous oxide.
Nitric oxide, a soluble gas, is a natural chemical in the body that relaxes smooth muscles and expands blood vessels.
Packed inside the zirconium cladding are pellets of uranium oxide or other fissionable materials.
Some people with low tolerance for the ultrasonic probe may wish to request nitrous oxide.
Other greenhouse gases emitted by natural and artificial sources also include methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases.
Rubies are formed of a mineral called corundum, comprised of aluminum oxide.
Alumina, or synthetic aluminum oxide, is used in the smelting of aluminum.
Burning coal, natural gas, and oil releases chemicals such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.
Renewable diesel also creates far fewer sulfur dioxide, particulate, and nitrogen oxide emissions.
The goats are actually coated with red dust that comes from the iron oxide-rich slopes there.
The red color comes from iron oxide that has been exposed to the elements.
It measures the magnetic properties of tiny particles of iron oxide that are injected into the bloodstream.
It precipitates out as iron oxide and can then be recovered and recycled, leaving water pure enough to discharge into a river.
The solution is then treated to precipitate uranium oxide.
It consists of a relatively small lump of aluminium oxide into which a hole has been bored.
The back of this wafer is then ground and etched in a process that stops when a buried layer of silicon oxide is exposed.
It also generates much less smog-forming nitrogen oxide.
Bone implants are typically made of metal or ceramic materials made of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide.
When burned it releases three pounds of sulfur dioxide and four pounds of nitrogen oxide for every megawatt-hour of operation.
Prehistoric people first made patterns and images by rubbing chunks of charcoal and iron oxide onto cave walls.
It satisfies its lust for electrons by sharing one with the stolen oxygen atom, forming a molecule of chlorine oxide.
Much of the spill is iron oxide, which is why it has that rust color.
These bacteria set the normal basal nitric oxide level by oxidizing the ammonia in sweat into nitric oxide and nitrite.
Lives might be saved with the lower emissions of nitrogen oxide and fine particle matter in the air.
It runs cooler and produces less smog-causing nitrous oxide than gasoline.
For reasons largely unknown, this was a periodic process resulting in the alternating bands of iron oxide and shale.
Metal oxide transistor arrays are less expensive to make and provide the necessary performance.
For recharging, the process is reversed: zinc oxide is converted back to zinc and oxygen is released at the air electrode.
They also need to improve the conductivity of their film: indium tin oxide is still hundreds of times more conductive.
The material currently used to make transparent electronics, indium tin oxide, is expensive and brittle.
The motors burn an unusual fuel: a combination of recycled rubber and nitrous oxide.
The syngas is exposed to particles of iron oxide--that is, rust--which act as an oxygen carrier.
It then encounters a series of alternating silver and aluminum-oxide layers.
When the magnesium is all converted into magnesium oxide you return it to the store and get some new stuff.
When lithium-air batteries are discharged, the lithium metal reacts with oxygen to form lithium oxide and release electrons.
Finally, a thin coating of indium tin oxide is deposited to serve as an electrode.
One of the biggest problems with flash devices is oxide degradation upon repeated write cycles.
Nitrous oxide is damaging the ozone layer and the climate.
When plant matter decays, it releases nitrogen in the form of nitrous oxide.
Alterations in nitric oxide physiology can have a profound effect on brain function.
On top of the electrolyte they added a virus modified to produce a protein coat that collects molecules of cobalt oxide.
The two enzymes work in tandem to regulate the production of nitric oxide, a gas that relaxes blood vessels.
To prevent the animals from controlling their own gaze, the researchers began by sedating them with nitrous oxide.
The organisms also absorb nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, which contribute to acid rain.
Nitrates, nitrites and nitrous oxide can arise naturally, or they can come from human activities.
To top it off, oceanic nitrogen is converted to nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.
We've covered this catalyst before being used with zinc oxide, but this is the first demonstration with silicon.
To construct the display, an array is made of electrodes created from a metal oxide semiconductor.
Instead of a fuel cell, this device uses a semiconductor oxide sensor.
The major use for ethylene oxide is as a chemical intermediate in industry.

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