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Must have been all the fossil fuels to heat the caves and mud huts, along with the gas powered oxen.
Oxen for haulage and horses or camels for transport marked great improvements.
In the early sixth century its leaders introduced plowing by oxen and built extensive irrigation facilities.
The rest of the group survived by burning their wagons and slaughtering the oxen.
Most have traveled for hours by oxen-drawn cart or packed bus to reach the venue.
For example, the framed trusses were pulled across the river by a team of oxen.
Made of the horn from a well-fed oxen, cow or bullock, the powder horn was lightweight and spark proof.
Oxen hooves required attention, and shoes were applied to their feet to protect them.
Oxen were used by early settlers to clear land and farm.
For instance, a group of farmers will receive a pair of oxen and a plow.
Musk oxen browse sunlit slopes, a tableau little changed in thousands of years.
Picture farmers hitching mules and oxen to carts filled with vegetables, fruit, and grain to sell at markets.

Famous quotes containing the word oxen

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