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The magazine achieved great popularity, and is said for a time to have brought its owner large financial returns.
Five dollars, sixty-six and two-thirds per cent advance, induced the owner to part with the mustang.
Yet those same bleared optics had a strange, penetrating power, when it was their owner's purpose to read the human soul.
Recently cameras have been set up by a independent owner, hoping to catch it on wildlife cam.
They were for friends, family and maybe a gallery owner or two.
The staff could remember nothing about the owner, and the case's contents were not much more revealing.
The owner insisted his was the real thing because the artist had been present at the purchase.
What makes this fiddle truly special, though, is its owner.
It's not pocket change, but for a unique specimen that's a steal for a private owner.
But a previous owner had added a conventional window at head height, spoiling the simple design.
Large, complex corporations were replacing smaller, owner-managed companies as the dominant economic players.
Each time the owner of four dogs goes, she takes along a different furry friend.
Ask your students to list a number of questions a future business owner might ask about the location of a business.
It's impossible to know yet who the slate's owner-or owners-may have been.
Dogs may be able to understand far more words than a typical owner teaches them during obedience training.
The right to innovate is therefore held in common among all people who use the network and cannot be checked by the network owner.
Any payment that remains when a property is sold transfers to the next owner.
The owner shoots the bird a nasty glare as he hangs up, mutters about being fooled again and stalks out of the room.
At the age of three, she may no longer be the owner of all that she sees.
Artificial trees with electrical outlets in mall parking lots could charge electric vehicles while the owner shops, he says.
Their position is that a gene patent gives its owner the right to prevent anyone from studying or testing that gene.
These are royalty payments to the mineral owner and are above and beyond lease fees.
The site owner not only keeps the surfer but picks up a bit of advertising revenue from the banner owner whom he has also duped.
The company blamed lower commission margins, higher expenses and fewer lucrative single-owner sales.
Soon the owner stepped in to hosting and busing the dishes.
In a time-honoured system, an owner hires a captain who in turn provides the crew.
Such coiling allows a feather to absorb water, which streamlines and insulates the owner.
Since reviews are meant to be about the property, and not the owner, if you did not stay there you cannot submit a review.
The only way to break a lease is to be a single-family owner who wants to take occupancy.
Providing a plot of land or individual object with a single, determinate owner facilitates its effective use.
The results of a search could be sent to the data's owner, who could decode it on his own system.
As a homeowner or business owner of panels, best practice is to have a monitoring system on your array.
It nuzzles its head against its owner's cheek in an apparent display of affection.
Possibly the biggest misconception concerns what a patent is and what rights it provides to its owner.
And startups that provide security systems that alert the owner when a panel is disconnected are blossoming.
The owner brought me more tea and another wan smile.
Another owner sent an employee to spy on a new place that was felt to be breaching new-bar etiquette.
Gramp lighting the two cigars, the late departed harem-owner resting on the ground.
They've since cleaned up and remodeled a little bit, and the owner even started asking people not to smoke.
She asked the restaurant owner to sell the exclusive recipe rights, and they agreed on a price.
It is impossible to discern a library's role in its owner's inner life purely by examining the collection.
To qualify, the booty must have been hidden long enough so that the owner is probably dead.
He gained the road and started up the hill to his house, a small, receding football owner with his nose in the air.
Aside from the liver, there is little as nourishing to a dog as the attention of his owner.
Finally, he was the owner or part-owner of several companies that had exclusive contracts to do business with the city.
After a protagonist is added to the process, the experience is claimed by its newly minted owner, the self.
However, the trainer and owner retained him and he survived to ride again and to receive impressive injuries.
Now he belongs to the manor house, a favorite of the owner.
The technical accounts are what the rod owner usually reads.
Afterward he talks to his human owner and attempts to formulate a theology.
New self-sustaining dog houses are perfect for the eco-conscious pooch owner.
They think the dog is angry the owner is leaving, say, and exacting its revenge on the owner's slippers.
And if it is a long-winded way of telling us about the blog owner's own cognition, it is in poor taste.
The owner of the flight center called the cops, who then called in a local bee removal expert.
In fact, it's you who is practicing non-courtesy by determining for the owner what his policies should be.
They are not even among the known relatives of the owner of the hair.
Its owner, a local doctor, was carefully managing the access to his fossil to fuel a bidding war for his entire fossil collection.

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