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There was a time when our forefathers owned this great island.
When she was twenty-two years old her father, who owned a harness repair shop, died suddenly.
As yet, it must be owned, this daring expectation is but feebly reflected in our books.
Up to this day it must be owned no projector has had the smallest success.
They owned a strong and productive horse with one flaw, its need for expensive oats.
Lastly, in many cases, college owned bookstores have either failed or been replaced by commercial operators.
Preference would be given to those who had owned their own company.
Some of my animal buddies are on medications owned by cruel pharmaceutical companies who did do research that harmed animals.
It's a personal choice whether you want to protect, show off, hide or embellish your newly owned device.
And they expect to be able to buy pre-owned games at a lower price.
Today, one out of every five human genes is privately owned.
Most of the current ad hosting services are owned and run by convicted criminals.
Most of the countries that have efficient high-speed networks also have a state owned rail system.
He established an organization to help underprivileged kids and owned art galleries and cafes.
The car was a rental car that the franchise owned and it had a non-conforming floor mat in it.
These multi-nationally owned, limited liability companies care only for getting the gas out of the ground quickly and cheaply.
In such an economy, the means of production are owned by society itself and are utilized in a planned fashion.
The damage is done by huge long-line fishing vessels, owned by rich people.
Finally, all of the companies proposing to mine in this area are foreign owned companies.
More and more farms are owned lock, stock and barrel by ag companies who dictate the farmer's every move.
Solar on rooftops is owned by residents and small businesses.
These things needed capital, and increasingly became owned by rich people and corporations.
They fought the foreclosure and won, proving that they owned the home outright.
Those tanks are owned privately or by local, state and federal agencies.
The protest movement is appropriating the names and logos of corporate-owned publications.
Intellectual property is knowledge or expression that is owned by someone.
Three cats owned by the company will also be copied.
Privateers were privately owned, armed ships hired by governments during time of war.
Have students write a short story where the main character is an animal owned by pastoral nomads.
Fast-food franchises have replaced the locally owned eateries.
If you're in the mood for shopping, look around for locally owned shops near the river.
The developer only got it from people who stole it from natives, who never owned it in the first place.
It has limited the spread of big-box retailing and works to retain locally owned retail, such as village stores.
Other programs focus on the unique problems faced by an island owned by three countries.
Once largely in the hands of wealthy landowners, the park remains mostly privately owned.
If you lived in a town, you worked in a state-owned factory or office.
Their companies tend to be small and privately owned.
State-owned companies are not known as leaders in innovation.
Many were once state-owned national champions, which valued size over profitability.
Behind a smoother-looking balance sheet, wasteful, politically directed lending to dud state-owned enterprises continued.
Many emerging countries also rely heavily on state-owned enterprises.
Tunnelling is the awarding of contracts to firms owned by family members.
In the coming months, the state-owned company that will take the park over after the games is expected to set out its plans.
The rich world still has a large number of state-owned or state-dominated companies.
Because there is no sensible way to return privately owned land to the commons.
The infrastructure for fueling individually owned vehicles with gas does not exist, as it does for liquid fuels.
They owned the play, and could publish it or withhold it from publication.
He could afford it because he belonged to the family that owned the paper.
She owned close duplicates of many of the clothes in the exhibition.
Under a settlement agreement, almost everything he owned had been turned over to a fund to compensate former shareholders.
He was charged with failing to report gifts, principally in the form of renovations to a small house he owned.
In the nineteen-thirties, about a hundred thousand people who had once been owned by other people were still alive.
One city health commissioner urged everyone who owned a parrot to wring its neck.
Until then, he had never owned anything more than some books and the clothes in his drawer.
He launched it from inside a somewhat disorganized corporate culture, owned by someone else.
Minority-owned firms don't have to pursue these growth strategies blindly.

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