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OF all the ways people experience themselves, perhaps none is so primal as the sense of their own bodies.
For many students and their families, scraping together the money to pay for college is a big enough hurdle on its own.
Get your own copy of this recently conserved treasure.
Create your own outdoor fort with our step-by-step instructions for making your own backyard tipi.
In the writing process, there is perhaps nothing harder than reading one's own work with a critical eye.
Follow these instructions to create your own miniature ghosts.
Scientists have discovered that certain caterpillars manufacture and secrete their own insect repellent, a new study shows.
Make your own backyard adobe oven with our step-by-step pictures and directions.
While every computer these days comes pre-loaded with an adequate number of fonts, sometimes you want to create your own.
Students will examine their own modern culture and compare it to other cultures around the world.
How about one where each student ends up with his or her own digital camera.
The whole is about the size of an attaché case-barely larger than the first generation of laptop computers in our own day.
Make your own outdoor shower by following our easy step-by-step instructions.
Soon, those satellites might get minds of their own.
It would be ideal, however, if they could find out about their own home town.
Each era has its own dominating themes of global politics.
The soldiers warned him he'd find nothing there but his own tombstone.
Starting crops from seed is a satisfying and economical way to grow your own plants, flowers, and veggies.
Geography is for life and not simply an exercise for its own sake.
Propellants can be in the form of a solid, liquid or gas, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
But they would be working on other subjects at their own speeds.
Find out how you can do the same with a prefab building of your own.
Think back to your model watershed and what you learned about your own watershed.
The water in which they live can give jellyfish coloring, as can their own unique type of farming.
Guests build their own burritos, so all you have to make is the slaw.
Learn the shocking details and damaging power of lightning first hand by spinning up your own virtual thunderbolts.
The stylish octogenarian is, by his own account, as busy as ever.
How to make your own layered or wrapped wedding invitations.
Ask students to form pairs, but show their work on their own maps.
Customers put together their own meals in a continuous, moving operation.
Make a two-column chart on the board, and ask students to make the same chart on their own paper.
Take your own plastic or metal container to the restaurant to take home your leftovers when you're eating out.
If you're comfortable chopping your own firewood or kindling, your small camp ax or hatchet is perfect for splitting a pumpkin.
Or chimps may have developed the behavior on their own.
She wanted viewers to be able to invent their own stories to suit the scene, perhaps even insert themselves in it.
Create your own look with unexpected combinations.
He explains that he wants to inspire kids to dream their dreams and reach their own goals.
Most of all, he wanted a place where he could read and write at his own pace.
Here's how to grow vegetables and fruits in your own backyard garden.
Have them record their estimates on their own paper.
Essential tools and tips for making your own delicious fresh cheeses more.
Bard wants to create chimps who feel at home with their own kind.
To ensure their own survival, parasites alter the appearance and behavior of their hosts in the creepiest ways.
Now the learning-management software company is picking a legal fight of its own.
Companies would then buy cheap credits and continue doing business as usual rather than cutting their own emissions.
It was as if she were conducting her own concert of color.
All you need to make your own yogurt is milk, a little bit of yogurt and a warm place.
It lets users build their own social networks for each circle of friends.
Scientists say it's the first time wild animals have been shown to call out their own names.
Crows make tools, play tricks on each other, and caw among kin in a dialect all their own.
If you drive to a workshop or a training session in your own vehicle and pay for the fuel, you can deduct the milage.
My own impression is that the natural sciences function more this way than engineering.
Disabled genes, molecular relics scattered across the human genomic landscape, have a story of their own to tell.
For some car aficionados, a vehicle takes on a personality all its own.
The story usually relates to the writer's own particular experience.
When you own stock, you own a tiny piece of a company.
Then he remembered his grandfather's story, so he threw his own hat to the ground.
The taxi disappeared around a distant corner in a cloud of its own dust.
Tumors cannot grow unless they recruit their own private blood supply.
Attending to more modern objects presents its own challenges.
It may well be that our mirror neurons react only to actions that are part of our own motor repertoire.
The city hosts a number of annual festivals and has its own ballet and symphony.
Ask how many of your students have pets of their own or friends and neighbors with pets.
We watched her grow up and learn to live on her own.
Have students collect and look through travel brochures for destinations in their own region.
Deeply critical of contemporary literature, he held posts at various literary journals and discussed plans to start his own.
Most animals ignore their own reflections or, in the cases of monkeys and birds, perceive themselves as strangers.
Others have built their own instruments, using artificially aged wood.
Use real human bones to solve cases as you identify people from the past and draw your own conclusions about their lives.
But even more fabulous, in its own way, is the physics.
They tell their own story, simply-sometimes ungrammatically and illiterately, but nevertheless irresistibly.
Unlike paints made specifically for concrete, this mixture lets you choose your own color palette.
If you ever dreamed of owning your own dinosaur, now's your chance.
Heavy elements are only produced in supernovae, so all of us carry the remnants of these distant explosions within our own bodies.
Give the students paper and writing utensils and ask them to draw their own waves.
They bring in two kilos when they come home, for their own use of course.
But in future, investors may want to apply a discount of their own to the company's financial forecasts.
For, the elephant knows the strays would always bark for their own hoped-for-pleasure.
Capitalists quite often invent the technology that destroys their own business.
Everyone needs somewhere to live, and many want to own their own homes.
The only thing he likes more than his own voice is the sound of readers telling him when he's right and wrong.
So they tend to be attracted still to those who are in their own stage of development: teenage boys.
Farmers started doing the same thing with their own crops.
If lawmakers follow their own political interests, they'll fund the government.
We need your help in rounding out the view with your own images.
Blight was sharp as you'd expect, and talked a lot about how writing his new book shaped his own thoughts on war.
It means openly grappling with his own past--acknowledging who said what, and why.
He intends only his own security, only his own gain.
But not every can own a home, not everyone would want to own a home, and no one needs to own a home to be happy.
We all have our own efficiency schemes, our personal life hacks.
The president has asked federal agencies to find solutions on their own.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
Here's a way around the city's increasingly impossible real-estate market: build your own house.
Barney's past projects include intimate views of families-including her own-in their homes.
They're in their own world, beyond the reach of adults.
Now the weekly print magazine is defunct, but the rankings have taken on a life of their own.
He never published a word about his own mental illness.
Tell us a little about your own experience in running a café.
By the second week, he could size up a customer's nationality and address him in his own tongue.
The great thing about running is that your failures are your own.
The professor published the student's words as his own.
Coming to terms with your own generation is not always easy.
The rationale is that each unit should bear its own weight.
But it packs a number of tricks all of its own, designed to woo business users.
Many cloud providers let customers pay extra for their own private servers to avoid this risk.
Or you might use your own, or your own that might fix the cancer, or your own enhanced bone marrow.
Apple may or may not have plans to develop its own television.
Such studies obviously lack the rigor of clinical trials, but they have their own advantages.
All he can tell me is that driving on the left side of the road is making him contemplate his own mortality.
Make your own yogurt as well as mozzarella and other simple cheeses.
Embellish it with a fried egg and your own toppings and you've got a satisfyingly hearty breakfast, brunch, or weeknight supper.
Feel free to use one of our recipes, or go off on your own.
They noticed how lucrative the popcorn business was and installed machines of their own inside.
Many animals, including the majority of reptiles, cannot produce their own body heat.
Owning your own mechanical servant may happen a lot sooner than you think, say our expert panelists.
Training bugs may help us understand our own brains.
Thing is, those outside pressures are going to exist no matter what, so the only opinion of real consequence is my own.
These laws mean that drug companies no longer have to rely on their own research for new drugs, and few of the large ones do.
Suspect professors were blacklisted, as were many of our own two decades ago.
Twenty minutes later, possibly under their own steam, the snails arrive.
If you simplify the logic, he was going to be a studio, only he was bringing along his own talent.
Whining about taking out one's own garbage is, in its own way, inelegantly arguing that doormen do deserve a raise.
When it comes to your health, being your own doctor usually isn't the smartest idea.
Maybe these people really do need their own dating site.

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