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Example sentences for overwhelmingly

Rats given a choice between highly sweetened water and intravenous cocaine overwhelmingly favored the tasty beverage.
Such scientists overwhelmingly understand that their models are imperfect and are constantly trying to better them.
Overwhelmingly, zoos are keeping pretty birds rather than endangered ones.
Since animals rely overwhelmingly on their sense of smell, then chemical odors would stimulate the production of dopamine.
One may also be reminded what a peculiar, overwhelmingly fascinating charm wit offers in our society.
So far, the early reviews of this game have been overwhelmingly positive.
For one thing, those sites are overwhelmingly visual: images nearly always do much better than words.
The steady-state fleet will still be overwhelmingly huge and powerful.
The blog comments have been overwhelmingly positive.
Hearing the overwhelmingly positive feedback last year from our attendees and our corporate sponsors makes it worthwhile for sure.
In the first place, rich people overwhelmingly have their money invested.
In total, the center's message has been overwhelmingly positive for higher education.
The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of unemployment.
While their responses have been overwhelmingly friendly and encouraging, they have also done nothing to allay my anxieties.
The campus reaction, as expected, was overwhelmingly negative.
Responses came quickly-and they were overwhelmingly positive.
His student evaluations and peer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.
Students were overwhelmingly positive about the write-your-own-midterm experience.
News-media coverage was abundant and overwhelmingly positive.
At one, the faculty even overwhelmingly voted no confidence in the provost and president about a month after my interview.
It is overwhelmingly the private sector that creates wealth, and pulls the wagon.
The overwhelmingly dominant cost in a university is full-time employees, including faculty.
The grade for the course is derived overwhelmingly from the regular test grades.
It may come as a surprise to many, but the attempts by students tend to me overwhelmingly constructive.
The government is strong, stable and overwhelmingly popular.
People are overwhelmingly e-mailing others in the same city, rather than those far away.
Even more than is the case already, political energy and capital will soon be overwhelmingly consumed by domestic woes.
The big increase in public debt will be overwhelmingly in rich countries and will be worsened by ageing populations.
Let's not make a false pretense of balance: it's coming, overwhelmingly, from the right.
Because, as is now so overwhelmingly clear, nothing is ever truly safe.
Public opinion is already overwhelmingly in favor of a balanced approach.
In one critical vote after another they came down overwhelmingly on the side of the progressive majority.
But the cause is intentional, and it comes overwhelmingly from one side.
Overwhelmingly, the recession has destroyed the jobs in between.
The new factory building is almost overwhelmingly luxurious.
My purpose was simply to argue against the notion that the current deficit is overwhelmingly due to collapsing tax revenues.
The spending cuts he identifies overwhelmingly impact the poor, the sick, and the unemployed.
They were overwhelmingly enthusiastic, but also cautious.
Over time the towers were more accepted, but it was only in their tragic loss that they became overwhelmingly powerful symbols.
It's a royal gift and it's overwhelmingly beautiful.
To date, research into the genetic cause of disease has been overwhelmingly white.
As might be expected, the residents themselves are overwhelmingly in favor of them.
Schoolteachers are overwhelmingly badly paid and frustrated by the tight control of the school system.
As a result, those scientists who do communicate well are overwhelmingly at a senior stage in their careers.
Sure, some behaviors are overwhelmingly under genetic control.
Because political choices are dominated overwhelmingly by where people sit in society, not by their genetics.
Don't see how he had much choice there, since the public consensus was overwhelmingly against him.
The evidence is overwhelmingly consistent with a hot dense phase.
For the four of us, the transition to an overwhelmingly white school carried more than enough challenges.
After the overwhelmingly negative public reaction to the dangling, however, it was clear that he had gone too far.
There are currently no overwhelmingly effective addiction treatments.
Unhappily, it is overwhelmingly likely that this day lies many years in the future.
But the industry response, he says, was overwhelmingly positive.
With their chapters threatening a walkout, the fraternity voted overwhelmingly to remain all-white.
He attributes the earnings reversal overwhelmingly to one factor: education.
Dairy farms, overwhelmingly family-owned and managed regardless of size, are generally members of producer cooperatives.

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