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Overwhelming imbalances in wealth and income inevitably result in enormous imbalances of political power.
Academics tend strongly toward whitewash in plagiarism, even when evidence for conviction is overwhelming.
Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of developing countries suffer a shortage of capital.
The amount of waters was beyond my imagination and the ability to almost touch the falls was overwhelming.
The world's overwhelming demand for oil only increases the likelihood of these events repeating themselves.
There is absolutely overwhelming proof for evolution.
No other place promises such easy and overwhelming immersion in the wild world.
However, when trying to understand the education system of another country, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming.
In the face of so many overwhelming enemies, protest gets a bit diluted.
Often this combination is overwhelming and intimidating.
The evidence this this answer is affirmative is pretty overwhelming.
Against overwhelming odds, they succeeded in defeating poachers and saving the local elephant population.
But no other place promises such easy and overwhelming immersion in the wild world.
The threat of a real virus was overwhelming them, and they had nobody to track it.
Yet the overwhelming majority of voters live in the south.
There she hopes to address how communities can coordinate their efforts to tackle what often seems to be an overwhelming problem.
The information and knowledge is overwhelming and vast.
At first glance, the case for new runways appears overwhelming.
It presents a lot of information all in one place without overwhelming readers.
Right now, the overwhelming majority of our energy production comes from burning fossil fuels.
One is an overwhelming emphasis on short-term fiscal austerity over growth.
The scene alone was awe inspiring, the sudden appearance of life in a setting of such overwhelming natural power was uplifting.
When asked what should be cut instead, defense spending was the overwhelming pick.
The beats are complex enough to keep me engaged without overwhelming me.
The overwhelming majority of faculty serve contingently.
Instead he raised taxes and slashed spending, for which he enjoyed the public's overwhelming support.
But an overwhelming majority of ethanol mixed into gasoline today comes from corn.
Today, the overwhelming majority are contingent faculty and graduate students.
The evidence is overwhelming that the mean temperature of the planet is rising and our ice is melting.
Faculty serving contingently are the overwhelming majority of all faculty today.
Growing your own organic vegetables does not have to be an overwhelming process.
Mankind has an overwhelming influence on the planet.
The raft and the journey would call attention to the overwhelming amount of plastics clogging our seas.
The overwhelming scientific consensus is that global warming is real, and that it's upon us now.
The response and receptiveness by students, fellow teachers and the surrounding community was overwhelming.
The notion of financial profits overwhelming literary sensibility is certainly timely, then as now.
The overwhelming majority of them will never play professional sports.
Look at the overwhelming evidence in the history of computing.
The e-mail generated by that essay was overwhelming.
We had a lot of time to take it in, but it's overwhelming.
The weight of evidence against your position will soon be overwhelming.
In the event of another overwhelming news development, transcending all boundaries, the stand-alone section can be reinstated.
Its advantages, however, are less overwhelming than they seem.
And no doubt considerably higher than the overwhelming majority of college professors.
We had this overwhelming sensation that they were going to come for us that night.
All this in the face of overwhelming faculty opposition.
But all failed, often amid overwhelming opposition from chiefs.
The number of people who came to see him was overwhelming.
The scientific evidence supporting evolution by means of natural selection is also overwhelming.
We find too many things to differentiate ourselves, but our commonalities are overwhelming.
Almost as much of a mystery is his recorded output, which is overwhelming in terms of sheer amount.
The delicate sauce enhances, without overwhelming, the sweet freshness that makes lobster so appealing.
The rage for amorous sonneteering came to excite an almost overwhelming ridicule.
The latter point, a stock argument in the puritan portfolio, is treated with overwhelming fulness.
The effect of this justified and contained hatred is overwhelming.
All these ideas and needs crowded themselves upon us with a seriousness that seemed well-nigh overwhelming.
At times an almost overwhelming curiosity had taken hold of him.
The interest which they excited at the time was overwhelming.
The nouns in common use, in the overwhelming main, are quite sound in form.
The brigands, struggling with an overwhelming impulse to hide behind one another, look as unconcerned as they can.
The evidence, both internal and external, against the genuineness of these letters is overwhelming.
But sometimes it seems that the list of tasks is so overwhelming it causes more stress, rather than a sense of accomplishment.
The alleys leading to the shrine reminded me of a carnival fun house-an overwhelming frenzy of lights, music and aromas.
But the process of filtering through the pent-up supply of potential is overwhelming.
The physical evidence is overwhelming, and witnesses have yielded damning testimony.
The case for spurring rapid and voluntary reductions in fertility rates in the poorest countries is overwhelming.
Yet the scientific evidence against this myth is overwhelming.
Trying to make sense of the seemingly endless stream of food and nutrition claims can be overwhelming.
Party planning can be overwhelming, but don't let your environmentalism fall by the wayside in the interest of convenience.
The smell is overwhelming, a rotten sweetness that clings to the throat.
Perhaps reflecting on the trauma is too overwhelming.
Planning a reunion for the family can be stressful and overwhelming at times.
There are so many different options when it comes to exchanging money that it can be a little overwhelming.
Sometimes a social problem becomes so overwhelming that silence ensues.
Yet anyone who's shopped for a whisk recently knows that they come in an overwhelming array of designs these days.
The tool bombards a targeted site with traffic, in hopes of overwhelming servers so that no one can visit the site.
While you might have an idea about a game, getting started with prototyping can be overwhelming.
While privacy may be good for you and me, the overwhelming majority of net users couldn't care less.
No sooner the company starts making good profits the managerial responsibilities start becoming overwhelming.
We are constantly tweaking our promotion algorithm to make sure that it doesn't become overwhelming.
It also has advantages besides the overwhelming one of being atmospherically clean.
My programs were designed to take a time-consuming task, one that seemed overwhelming to a bookstore owner, and make it simple.
The overwhelming majority of sites do, including video sites.
The list of popular social-software applications is almost overwhelming.
Although he formally accepted the idea of a loose federation, a two-state settlement was his overwhelming desire.
The beauty of it was overwhelming, and everything they say about it is true.
But viewed as a whole, they make an overwhelming case for panic disorder.
Overwhelming stress is making the bees vulnerable to disease.
The evidence is overwhelming that vaccines have no connection with autism.
Faced with such overwhelming improbability, cosmologists have offered up several possible explanations.
Skin color, of course, is also of overwhelming importance in our social prejudices.
There is no solid explanation as yet for such overwhelming carnage.
The overwhelming majority will continue on past the lab, to infinity.
The evidence is overwhelming that vaccines don't cause autism, for example.
And in the hugely overwhelming majority of them, all of your memories and reconstructions of the past are false.
Sometimes it's a little overwhelming to live here, especially outside the perimeter.
Sometimes, however, the sensations can be overwhelming.
And there's this overwhelming three-dimensionality to it, a powerful sense that this is a giant planet.
Literally millions of publications are written and distributed, the overwhelming majority of which must be ignored.
The sheer number and variety of birds on display is overwhelming.
Though the coercion isn't direct, the overwhelming influence of the war effort could be construed as undue.
Mind maps are an effective way to tackle large projects, as they help you visualize ideas that can be overwhelming.
Service can be overwhelming, and it can quickly become all-consuming.
The evidence is so overwhelming, the authors conclude, that the discussion should now turn to what can be done about it.
The tenure trek itself can be gloomy because of many painful stimuli that, because of our inexperience, seem overwhelming.
Each of these tasks requires my full attention, but the juggling of all tasks simultaneously often seems overwhelming.
The overwhelming majority followed the same model: single houses for single families.
If the space program has substantial value, this is not an overwhelming drain.
Not because the information about him is so overwhelming or incriminating but because it is so slight and so stubbornly innocuous.
Sometimes the amount of information felt overwhelming.
But at the same time, its overwhelming need for more soldiers puts limits on how tough its training can be.
At the center, overwhelming everything else, was the derrick.
But the volume and vehemence of the feedback the piece generated was overwhelming.
So overwhelming was the buildup, many listeners were turned off before really giving their music a chance.
The overwhelming majority of people you have spoken with are heavily invested in politics.
For that bigger picture, the link between relocation and crime patterns is overwhelming, and cities need to address it.
Our own overwhelming hoards of digital information are the next chapter in that endless story.
After your brain surgery-where a portion of your brain was actually removed-you had an overwhelming artistic desire.
The temptations and pressure to compete with them were overwhelming.
Alas, the careful planning was nearly undone by an overwhelming tragedy that threw plans for the meeting into doubt.
As he faced middle age and mortality, the mysteries and contradictions in his life were overwhelming him.
So you're talking about the overwhelming majority being somewhere else.
Two overwhelming situations unquestionably hastened the catastrophe.
But the truth is that oil-patch jobs-and the accompanying crime and drug use-are overwhelming ranching in the community.
Compared to the overwhelming sprawl of the rest of this festival, the dance options are manageable.
She'd have an overwhelming urge to cover her face with her hands, to turn away from the camera, to hide.
In the surprise and the quiet, it was possible to experience these overwhelming works as a kind of private discovery.
At times, one feels presented with an overwhelming theorem.
In the end, the sheer volume of submissions made them overwhelming winners.
The lesser excellences of great writers rarely occur to us, because their works are overwhelming.
Chief among these motives was the overwhelming idea of the great whale himself.
They haven't been back, which is not to say they don't want to, but they did find it overwhelming.
There was no apparent ventilation in the kennels and the heat was overwhelming.
Almost all of us have wandered past a fast food restaurant or hot dog stand and felt an overwhelming desire for an order of fries.
Under- or overwhelming your audience with your report.
Unless the system is reorganized, these problems will become overwhelming.
He found overwhelming evidence for a disturbing conclusion.
At the same time, the tentative personality suffers the pressure of its inner, overwhelming moods and instincts.
It also allows him to present an enormous amount of material-on persons, events, and stories-without overwhelming the reader.
It is no exaggeration to say that her poems get larger and stranger and more overwhelming with every reading.
Still, the amount of attention was not only overwhelming but also full of surprises.
Others died because of the overwhelming firepower brought to bear on areas still populated by civilians.
The overwhelming impulse that wished to have the creature-shoot it if need be-later became the impulse of the poet.
Human strategic guidance combined with the tactical acuity of a computer was overwhelming.
State courts handle the overwhelming proportion of litigation in this country.
Sometimes the scale of the possible bad outcomes may be overwhelming.
The collective momentum of a culture is, for more or less everybody more or less all of the time, overwhelming.
But their overwhelming criticism had to do with taxes.
That's a significant rise, but not overwhelming, and could be addressed with moderate tax increases and possibly benefit cuts.
Its patriotic legitimacy and popular support were overwhelming.
The sound of her voice is so overwhelming and so moving that she could sing the phone book and probably give it meaning.
Overwhelming feelings of anxiety colonized more and more of his life's terrain.
Lee's movies, too, often revolve around the repression of overwhelming emotion.
If he's seized, the overwhelming sentiments are likely to be sadness, frustration and anger.
For others, though--especially those who tend to be anxious anyway--the feeling can be overwhelming.
The raw box-office count suggests an overwhelming victory for the would-be blockbuster.

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