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Everyone is overwhelmed, including Callie, who can't talk or cry or even figure out what she's feeling.
We are overwhelmed not only by the volume of submissions but by their quality.
The relief effort is underprepared, underfunded and overwhelmed.
The teachers are overwhelmed -- not only with the teaching they have to do but with the clerical work they have to do.
So we can't even imagine how overwhelmed Jamestown must feel right now, prepping for its four-hundredth year.
The enemy will see themselves surrounded, overwhelmed, and be compelled to yield.
The flood overwhelmed the site's servers, making it inaccessible to the public.
Marines deployed in Iraq have been overwhelmed with the amount of communications equipment they are expected to use.
The faction that was originally attacking would be overwhelmed and eradicated.
Roberta does her best to help, but she feels overwhelmed.
There was not much to do, except to dial overwhelmed government help lines and wait for news.
The poor dean and other administrators would be overwhelmed by form regardless of substance.
You're overwhelmed at this point, so you can postpone the celebration until you settle in.
It is not surprising that many scientists are overwhelmed with data.
Feeling overwhelmed or inadequate is not a terribly unique feeling either.
The body becomes overwhelmed because it doesn't get the respite that it needs.
It is usually a feeling of being overwhelmed at home or at work and being under appreciated at either place.
She told her doctor that she worried excessively and that she felt overwhelmed by these thoughts.
People with severe depression isolate and can become overwhelmed by social interaction, often to the point of becoming bed-bound.
Those who don't become part of the solution will be overwhelmed.
It seems that anxiety and the sense of being overwhelmed are also experienced by depressed patients.
It is there to provide comfort to those overwhelmed by the world around them.
It turns out that when people start tweeting, their number of friends increases until they become overwhelmed.
There have been so many news services and they simply overwhelmed web surfers.
Business owners are overwhelmed by the surge of customers.
The modern condition is to be overwhelmed by everything.
Sometimes your imagination is overwhelmed by a single subject or event.
Guilty pleas are what keep a legal system that is overwhelmed with drug cases functioning.
On a visual level the gadgetry overwhelmed the people sitting at the desks and watching over the data.
The cost of services, including public education, has overwhelmed your system.
Two million new cars overwhelmed the city's expressways before the lane paint dried.
But even these techniques are being overwhelmed by the exponentially widening gap between memory and processor speed.
The recording industry is simply the first to be overwhelmed by the phenomenon.
Then, as the limits of the drug's effectiveness became apparent, their newly awakened state was overwhelmed by tics and seizures.
He was overwhelmed by lawyers, and there were more and more of them, as if they were end it.
B ut then the problems caught up with and overwhelmed him.
In these a computer is overwhelmed with bogus requests for a response sent from infected computers.
In running from some markets, investors have overwhelmed others.
As traffic grew exponentially, outages proliferated and telecoms firms seemed overwhelmed.
Almost miraculously, the people overwhelmed the strongmen who had oppressed them for decades.
The air-traffic control systems of the day would have been overwhelmed.
But a pre-electoral discretion has overwhelmed all three.
Then, it seemed, the largest emerging markets faced being overwhelmed along with everyone else.
The local electricity system could be easily overwhelmed, and wider swathes of the grid brought to its knees in the process.
In many areas the state has either ground to a halt or been overwhelmed by rapid change.
Sometimes our nation gets overwhelmed by fear and lashes out at other countries in economic or military violence.
Second, some of these teachers are simply overwhelmed.
The magazine was overwhelmed by requests for reprints.
He was overwhelmed and depressed, according to people who had spoken to him.
There are even times when the camera successfully catches the tempo of the lunatic action without being overwhelmed by it.
Evaporation is still taking place, but it is overwhelmed by condensation.
Our staff is already overwhelmed trying to get our monthly newsletter out, manage our trade shows, create catalogs.
He calms and comforts the contestants who are sometimes overwhelmed by the spotlight.
As overwhelmed rescue teams struggled to evacuate patients, many patients died of heart failure, heat exposure and stress.
Any fears about stressing her new heart were overwhelmed by a desire to rebuild her strength.
She often seems overwhelmed by the response that she gets from audiences.
Emergency services will be overwhelmed following a disaster.
These changes can leave new mothers feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed or confused.
Some people feel overwhelmed by the changes that they will need to make in their lives.
The locals are in charge--until they get overwhelmed.
Rebels ferried streams of their wounded comrades into overwhelmed hospitals.
Telephone networks were overwhelmed as people around the country attempted to make calls.
Reserves and sanctuaries can take some of the unwanted tigers, but many refuges have been overwhelmed by demand.
The patient is overwhelmed with decisions about health care, fears, concerns and isn't thinking about day-to-day needs.

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