overtook in a sentence

Example sentences for overtook

As the thunderstorm overtook us, it became obvious that this was something completely different.
It was in the midst of these activities that a great calamity overtook him.
One day they came across a white goat, and before the slow creature could reach the precipice the dogs overtook and bayed it.
Every time that the cart overtook a pedestrian traveller, there was an exchanging of questions and replies.
He soon overtook him, but for some time walked behind him.
The pain became so bad that she could no longer hold her bow, and fatigue overtook her life.
It quickly overtook its rival by not charging transaction fees.
The tui chub overtook the lake's ecosystem and consumed many of the small aquatic organisms that normally control algae growth.
As they left in their pickup truck, floodwater overtook them and smashed it against a telephone pole.
Business at the cycle shop boomed, and it overtook the printing shop to become their primary business.
By the turn of the century, with the development of electrical equipment, copper mining completely overtook gold in importance.

Famous quotes containing the word overtook

... automatically, worn out by the gloomy day and by the perspective of a sad tomorrow, I put in my mouth a spoonful of ... more
We here overtook two Italian boys, who had waded thus far down the Cape through the sand, with their organs... more
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