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My untenured office mate several years ago had a situation in which she was overtly pressured by a coach.
Overtly political plays were considered outdated and unfashionable.
Gee, let's support our case by referencing overtly biased, agenda-pushing sources.
Her reaction was so overtly prudent it sent the others into an unprecedented panic.
Virus writers often use their creations to make a point, but few are overtly political.
One lashes out deceptively from any side of the baseline, the other overtly attacks the net.
Though not overtly about suicide, this poem concerns the precarious balance of living.
But the commission dare not overtly encourage regionalist ambitions, for fear of antagonising powerful member governments.
And in turn that allows the adults involved to demonstrate rather than order or overtly teach.
Both cases have been time consuming, non-transparent and at times overtly politicised.
That, to me, is an example of a great movie that deals overtly with the struggle of questioning one's existence.
With all countries you have a certain threshold at which you can squeeze them either covertly or overtly.
But for this cabinet post more than any other, an overtly political appointment would have been corrosive to investor confidence.
Much of his later verse avoided overtly political themes.
But the demands of the tent people are not overtly political.
The student is not only narcissistic, but overtly hostile.
Glad it went well, and that there was nothing overtly troubling in the first round.
There was nothing overtly wrong with the sounds, but they lacked spice.
The early and more overtly athletic days were represented by two relatively simple pure-movement pieces.
Flowers, fragile as they are, have to stand up to the tough and often overtly snobbish standards of the moment.
They ignore or forget that they've hired search consultants to recruit people who are not out there overtly looking for jobs.
Overtly emotional responses to questions is a good way to lose any chance at a position, yes.
So familiar is the concept of the vulnerable panda that it provides the subject for the center's one overtly agitprop message.
We're moving from a system in which corporations run our government covertly to one where corporations run our government overtly.
It is still too uncomfortable to wield unilateral power overtly.
Nothing in there overtly said he was quitting, so he could not be accused of forsaking his contractual obligations.
Julius is cute, but he also reflects his creator's devilish sense of humor-sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly.
There was also much to admire beyond the overtly virtuosic.
The clothes were overtly complicated, when in much of fashion one prefers not to see the effort.

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