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The aisles will be sealed with plastic sheets so that the cooling systems don't work overtime cooling the hot air.
Overtime, another species has the potential for intelligent developments--primates.
If you want extra police, that means overtime pay, which is not free.
As manpower declines and overtime shrinks, the general level of morale can be easily guessed.
The importance of this video will grow overtime and stimulate other meaningful communication.
Projects that must be rushed to completion to meet an urgent deadline can incur punishing overtime charges.
But liquor has so liquefied his spongy brain that his personae are beginning to dissolve from all this overtime dissipation.
Naturally the subway drivers or policemen concerned put in heroic overtime in that final year.
Your comment about labor liking overtime leads me to wonder if you understand the system.
Examples include some purchases of raw materials and workers' overtime payments.
Employment has also increased slightly, although firms generally prefer to increase overtime than to hire new staff.
He has exempted overtime work from taxes and social charges.
So companies switch to using more labor, usually more overtime, and put off buying labor-saving equipment.
Instead, they spent ever longer hours at work, often putting in a lot of overtime on top of their standard hours.
Suppose a company is incurring high costs for overtime work.
He has loosened labour laws, encouraged overtime work, cut red tape for entrepreneurs and lowered taxes.
Now the bonanza is on to shop overtime the scrips from the hapless and frustrated small investors.
The law also requires employers to maintain time records and prescribes methods for computing overtime pay.
Many homecare providers earn less than the minimum wage and no overtime for these vital services.
Below is a partial summary of the requirements and exemptions for minimum and overtime wages.

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