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Rather, it was a blend of covert and overt, public policy and secret alliances.
In those early years, brokers and merchants refused to buy war rugs with overt designs for fear they would put off buyers.
But as in a pitcher's duel in baseball, the subtleties of play are not perceived by casual spectators, who prefer overt action.
The class met three times a week, and her presence was not unnoticed, yet he showed no overt romantic interest in her.
Married since 2005, they have never experienced overt prejudice, she says.
If universities are to become corporations, then why not now have them merge (make it explicit, overt) say what it is.
Scenario #2 is trickier because it sounds like the students aren't doing anything quite overt enough to be called out on it.
Morrison is fearlessly overt and at times archaic with his literary allusions.
Other millipedes are known for their more overt chemical defenses-for example, emitting noxious compounds when disturbed.
The overt tensions in the south mostly are gone now.
As for now, there aren't enough people who see overt, daily-life changing events.
Sometimes even wise people become blind to the simple overt observations.
The other, on our measurable behavior and overt actions.
As in any intense spy-action thriller, the fighting is pretty intense at times, but there is no overt show of blood.
People's misguided claims, be them overt or subtle, are baffling.
The overt hostility to this industry has been reflected in sharp declines in the price of for-profit company stocks.
Overt patriotism can make people on the left feel a little nervous.
The hidden or overt pressures of advertisers have long been with us.
There was often overt relationship conflict involved, either with a significant other or with family members.
Don't let the campaign for this plan become an overt campaign for re-election.
But although she is thus saved from further overt degradation, she is as far from repentance as ever.
Right now, there's too much pressure--subtle and overt--on state crime labs to produce results favorable to prosecutors.
So maybe it isn't surprising that humans practice dominance by means other than overt aggression.
Since its discovery, no other gene has been convincingly implicated in overt language disorders.
It is also suggested that overt contact will eventually be made with humanity once humans reach a certain level of development.
The overt theme of his politics is self-reliance and a free-market philosophy.
Unfortunately, anxious to avoid such overt intervention, the government has opted for half-measures.
Ensuring that trade is fair is harder when some companies enjoy the support, overt or covert, of a national government.
Their rewards are more opaque than salary and options, and could even be imperilled by overt signs of affluence.
The state can't protect you from individual acts it can only protect you from the overt acts of other nations.
Ethnic tensions, overt in some places, simmer below the surface virtually everywhere.
They do not always work as intended, but they make overt and gross discrimination less likely.
Self-censorship appeared to be a significant factor even in the absence of overt political pressure.
Overt criticism of their leader has, in any case, been negligible.
But such overt anti-counterfeiting features depend on consumers caring enough to make a call.
Disagreeing with the ref in an overt manner, the whole look of amazement genre.
Still, the emphasis on material success seems overt.
Overt preaching has cropped up on the battlefield as well.
It relies far more heavily on overt symbolism than its predecessors-with mixed results.
The religious motivation behind this law is so overt that no one really denies it.
And whatever the actual views, public expressions of overt homophobia are now unacceptable from any national politician.

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