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Example sentences for oversupply

By imposing a quota system, they can limit the outflow of beans from producing nations in times of oversupply.
The genius of these sites is that they make a virtue of modern society's ecological sin: oversupply.
The ethanol plants than can't do this eff have closed due to the oversupply of ethanol.
The result is typical of any field with an oversupply of workers.
It prints the dollars, and uses them to buy goods, and then the oversupply of dollars pushes up prices still further.
Nowhere is the problem of an oversupply worse than that of music.
Indeed, evidence of property oversupply is everywhere.
But even if the overall number of unsold units is not as bad as feared, it does not capture the full effects of oversupply.
Production is deliberately carried out in small batches to avoid oversupply.
The change from chronic shortages to oversupply was a bonanza for consumers.
Given the country's oversupply of houses, they will keep falling for a while yet.
He fumes on about the problems of the coffee industry, and what he calls a grievous oversupply of substandard beans.
If you believe there is any truth to the oversupply of housing, it's obvious is that rents are too high.
His belief is that that is because of an oversupply of engineers.
Chemicals used in the manufacture of hundreds of household items are once again in oversupply.
The proposal comes after months of discussions with key stakeholders to find an equitable solution to oversupply.
Macadamia prices continue to fall as a result of world oversupply.
Provide a cost-control mechanism to address overbidding and the oversupply of health care services and facilities.
Of particular note was the continued decline in reports of oversupply conditions.
However, it is expected that overall drilling will decline due to a softening in crude oil prices and an oversupply of gas.
Another commonality of these three projects is that the cost of the oversupply is communized or shifted to the public at large.
Doctoral programs were reviewed because of their high cost and a perceived oversupply and underemployment of doctoral graduates.
We currently need more exports to clear out our oversupply of grain.
The regulations are usually aimed at preventing an oversupply of taxis and providing convenient, affordable, and safe service.
Three factors occurred at the same time to cause an oversupply of elementary teachers.
Strong markets promote additional building, which can result in oversupply followed by weakened market fundamentals.
The oversupply of pesticides, much of which became obsolete and dangers stocks over the years, certainly was a cause for concern.
Algal blooms occur when an oversupply of nutrients trigger large increases in phytoplankton.
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