oversimplification in a sentence

Example sentences for oversimplification

While there is some basis for this belief, it is certainly an oversimplification.
What is not helpful is political oversimplification.
The essential problem here is the oversimplification of complex issues ie stereotyping.
But this is an oversimplification, and any good historian of science will tell you so.
The idea that the polar ice caps are going to melt and flood the world some time soon is a gross oversimplification.
That's a bit of an oversimplification, but seems right at first blush.
Then again, maybe this is a vast oversimplification.
But the counterinsurgency debate is rife with oversimplification.
But this conventional view is perhaps an oversimplification.
And there's always the danger of oversimplification.
Talk about oversimplification, not to mention pseudoscience.
It makes fun of our penchant for oversimplification.
But that was an oversimplification, and times have changed.
The slope created by such oversimplification of complex interactions is indeed slippery.
Saying that poor, uneducated people vote on being paid is an oversimplification.
And kudos on oversimplifying those you say are guilty of oversimplification.
Yes it is an obvious response that is poignant, but an oversimplification in many ways.
While brevity is often commendable such vast oversimplification is merely provocative.
It is a gross oversimplification of a confused, confusing, and tragic situation.
To speak of elite- vs non-elite is a gross binary oversimplification of a long continuum.
But that is almost as much an oversimplification as the uncritical embrace of purity for purity's sake was.
It is an oversimplification to equate unnecessary surgery with a fee.
As usual, the media's vast oversimplification of stock market moves got it wrong again.
That's a huge, and potentially damaging, oversimplification.
The all-gal audience nods in amazement at this oversimplification of the truth.
His notion that speech is as an instrument of social control seems an oversimplification.
Game theory is a fantastic tool, but one that must be understood to be a gross oversimplification.
Oversimplification helps no one and prevents us from learning anything useful.
All of the politicking, name-calling, and oversimplification of the issues seems particularly unproductive.
Avoid oversimplification and condensing import explanations.
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