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Example sentences for overshot

We're animals that vastly overshot our environment's carrying capacity, so we're facing an inevitable population reduction.
Probably the main reason for the fall is simply that the pound had previously overshot.
Demand has overshot because borrowers have taken up the goods savers have earned but chosen to forego for the time being.
He took a couple of jumps nearer, when he stood still and was again overshot.
On the return trip, the ants on stilts overshot the nest, while those with severed legs stopped short.
Outfitted with anemometers, the probes will log wind speed and other information at ground level, a zone overshot by radar.
He only wanted to go back in time a couple of hours, but somehow he overshot his intended time by about eight centuries.
They overshot on the upside and now they are going to overshoot on the downside.
The bomber had overshot them and was now to the east, moving away.
Impact from high-velocity boulders removed trees where the avalanche overshot the channel bank.
The glider overshot the highway, and collided with trees on the east side of the roadway.
Roll crimping can be used to hold an overshot wad or a slug.
The overshot waterwheel is the world's largest still in operation.
First the sluiceway would be removed and replaced by an additional overshot crest gate.

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With decrepitude, longevity has overshot the mark.... more
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